Inquisitr: Roseanne Barr Teases Killer Halloween Episode For Next ‘Roseanne’ Season

Roseanne Barr Teases Killer Halloween Episode For Next ‘Roseanne’ Season

Roseanne Barr is getting ready to scare up an all-new Halloween episode for the next Roseanne season. The ABC star posted several teasers to Twitter about the upcoming 11th season of the sitcom revival, and it sounds like the Conners will once again celebrate Halloween in an epic way.

Barr took to Twitter to tease that the next Roseanne season “will feature the killer most Halloween show on TV ever. ” The actress went on to reveal she has already written the Halloween episode in her head and “will now relate it to geniuses in writers room” who can top her jokes.

And it sounds like the props for this episode will go beyond a rubber Three Stooges mask. Barr also tweeted about the high-tech special effects—and high budget— that will be needed for her dream episode.

“I will donate my salary on Halloween show for more props/special effects. Need Top Gun Level,” the Roseanne star wrote.

Fans of the original Roseanne series, which aired from 1988 to 1997, may recall that that show featured a Halloween-themed episode almost every season. The episodes, with titles like “Boo!,” “Trick or Treat,” and “Satan, Darling,” started in the second season and the tradition continued every season after. The eight Halloween episodes are Barr’s favorites and some of the most popular from the show’s original run.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Roseanne Barr talked about her sitcom’s Halloween tradition.

“For a while, they refused to let us have a Halloween episode because they said the Bible Belt doesn’t like Halloween, that they think it’s satanic, so they didn’t want it on ABC,” Roseanne told Yahoo. “And we’re like, ‘Are you crazy? People trick-or-treat, you know. It’s a big holiday. They were very kind of fundamentalist about it, but you know, that was the first dragon we slayed on the Roseanne show.”

Barr also joked that the Conners’ love for Halloween, which was illustrated with elaborate costumes and decorations, contributed to their financial problems.

“John [Goodman] said the reason the Conners were poor is because they spent all their money on Halloween,” Barr said.

The Roseanne star also revealed that she kept all of the costumes from the Halloween episodes and that her favorite was the Prince outfit she wore in the episode “Skeleton in the Closet.”

The early renewal of the Roseanne revival was announced in March, but there has been no announcement on when the new episodes will air. But based on Roseanne Barr’s tweets, it’s not far-fetched to think the new episodes will air this fall—just in time for Halloween.

This is not the first time Barr as hinted at a Halloween episode for the Roseanne reboot. When the renewal announcement was made, Barr

told her Twitter followers: “HEY! THIS MEANS WE GET TO DO A HALLOWEEN SHOW!!! YAY!!!!!”

Roseanne insider told the Hollywood Reporter that the episode order for the upcoming season has been increased from nine episodes to 13 and that the main cast members are all on board for another season.