Closer Weekly: Christopher Lloyd to Guest Star on ‘Roseanne’

He’s coming back to the future — as a guest star on RoseanneChristopher Lloyd is set to appear in tonight’s episode as Roseanne (played by Roseanne Barr)’s mother Beverly’s boyfriend, Lou. The actor will allegedly only appear in this episode of the sitcom (although he’s so beloved we could see him continuing his stint on the show).

In the sneak peek for the episode, we get to see Christopher with Beverly (played by Estelle Parson). If you can recall from the original series, Bev divorced Roseanne’s dad, Al Harris (played by John Randolph), after she learned he had a mistress for 20 years. He later died, but before his death, we learned he was abusive during Roseanne’s childhood.

In the funny clip, Bev introduces Lou to Roseanne and Jackie (played by Laurie Metcalf). “These are my daughters,” she says to him. Lou then tries to be funny with his reply, “I would have mistaken them for your sisters.” To no surprise, Jackie has a comical response herself. “Uncalled for Lou!” she exclaims.

The original Roseanne saw famed co-stars including George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, Debbie Reynolds, Tobey Maguire, and more. The reboot will also feature stars including Sandra Bernhard, Natalie West, James Pickens, Jr., and Adilah Barne.

Samantha Faragalli

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