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Roseanne Barr denies she's a Trump supporter

Roseanne Barr denies she’s a Trump supporter

Roseanne Barr denies she's a Trump supporterIf Roseanne Barr is going to endorse anyone for president, she’s going to go with a potential candidate she knows really well — herself.

“I will be writing myself in in every election from now until I win,” she said. “I don’t endorse.”

The documentary “Roseanne for President!” is in theaters and on demand starting Friday. It traces her 2012 third-party run for the highest office in the land.

Roseanne Barr isn’t singing Hillary Clinton’s praises

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In case you wondered who finished sixth in the last presidential election, rest easy: It was Roseanne Barr.

Running on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket — Barr’s first choice, the Green Party, went with Jill Stein — the creator of the 1988-97 sitcom “Roseanne” drummed up more than 61,000 votes. Her impassioned, if loopy, campaign is chronicled along with many a TV clip in “Roseanne for President!” out Friday.

Speaking to The Post from LA, the 63-year-old mother of five explains why she ran, what she saw in the young George Clooney, and what she has against Hillary Clinton.

Is Roseanne Barr fit to be president of the United States? Well, if you ask her…

When documentary filmmaker Eric Weinrib set out to follow comedian, actress and self-proclaimed “domestic goddess” Roseanne Barr on her 2012 campaign for president, he figured the whole thing would probably be a goof. So, for that matter, did most people.

“I expected it to be a more satirical campaign — after all, she is a comedian,” Weinrib says. “But the longer she ran, the more serious she got. Throughout her career she has often gone beyond people’s expectations, and her campaign was no exception.”

Running as a fiery populist — first as a candidate for the Green Party nomination and eventually on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket — Barr managed to get on the ballot in three states, earning more than 67,000 votes and ending up in sixth place on Election Day. Now four years later, the story of her improbable outsider bid for the nation’s highest office has been chronicled in Weinrib’s documentary “Roseanne for President!” in theaters and available on-demand July 1.

Roseanne Barr Calls Out Louis C.K.: ‘I’ve Heard So Many Stories’

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The famed comedian, sitcom star, and subject of the doc ‘Roseanne for President!’ claims that superstar comedian Louis C.K. is ‘about to get busted’ for his alleged transgressions.

Groundbreaking comedian and 2012 presidential hopeful Roseanne Barr says Bill Cosby is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exposing comedy’s abusers. “It’s not just Bill Cosby,” she told The Daily Beast. “Some of the biggest comics, males, are doing some terrible things. And they’re about to get busted.”

Barr, speaking with The Daily Beast for a forthcoming interview about her documentary Roseanne for President!, addressed the Cosby rape scandal that’s rocked the comedy world. She says rampant misogyny is nothing new to female stand-ups who perform at male-dominated clubs, as she first did over thirty years ago when she made her name on the comedy and late night circuit.

Roseanne Barr: ‘I Did Not Endorse Donald Trump’ for President

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Roseanne Barr is voting for herself for president.

Give Roseanne Barr the chance and she will rail against presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but that does not — I repeat, does not — mean that she endorses Donald Trump for president. No way, no how.

So when I recently asked Barr about her reported support for the Celebrity Apprentice star, she gave a heated response.

The article she was referring to was published by the Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, featuring an interview with her about many things, one of them being the presidential election. It teases that she “comes out for Trump” under a headline of “Roseanne Barr on Trump ‘Playing the Heel for Hillary,’ Pot and Being a Farmer.” In the piece, Barr was quoted as saying, “I think we would be so lucky if Trump won. Because then it wouldn’t be Hillary.”

The Roseanne creator and star gave that interview for the same reason she agreed to a telephone chat with Yahoo Celebrity, promotion of her documentary, Roseanne for President!, arriving in theaters and on-demand July 1. The film follows her 2012 run for president on the ticket of a third party.

Barr ran on the Green Party ticket in 2012. (Photo: Sundance Selects)

But back to my conversation with Barr, which was not going well.

Pot Supercut: Roseanne For President

Not many people know about Roseanne Barr’s galloping run for the presidency in 2012, in which she lost the Green Party nomination but eventually ran as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate. The darkly funny documentary “Roseanne for President!,” which premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, tracks the iconic comedian on the campaign trail—although, in fact, she does most of her trail (and other) blazing from home via Skype. Barr’s rants against the sorry state of politics are mellowed by frequent smoke breaks and bolstered by friends Michael Moore, Sarah Bernhardt and Rosie O’Donnell.

Check out this special trailer, cherry-picked from IFC Films for HIGH TIMES, where Roseanne preaches “We want weed legal!”