HOW SWEET THE SOUND! Bonnie Bramlett – Amazing Grace

Bonnie BramlettSome folks who got acquainted with the wonderful Bonnie Bramlett by way of her role as a waitress and co-worker of Roseanne’s on the brilliant Roseanne series have a nice surprise coming. Back in the days when ‘kickass’ Southern Rock and R & B came bursting onto the already hot 60s-70s music scene, Bonnie was bringing it Big Time as the super soulful (and prettier:-) half of Delaney and Bonnie (you HAVE to learn more – go to their Wikipedia page). When Bonnie and her talented, accomplished husband and their rocking band, which might contain ‘side men’ like George Harrison and Duane Allman, finished setting huge audiences on fire, no less a superstar than Eric Clapton said they were beyond hard to follow!

Here’s a fun clip of Bonnie at Roseanne’s home just over a decade ago, with Roseanne tossing out a request for the venerable standard “Amazing Grace.” Johnny, who was pretty new as Roseanne’s getting-more-significant other, rolls into the tune on piano, and Bonnie proceeds to fill the room and everybody’s heart with …Well, listen for yourself. Roseanne and her daughter Brandi really found it a special treat, and we hope you do, too.

You can begin to appreciate the scale of Bonnie Bramlett’s indisputable awesomeness at and watch more kick-ass videos like this one on Roseanne’s YouTube.