25 years ago: Star Spangled Banner:

I meant no disrespect to the country and ppl fighting for the safety and freedoms of old loudmouth Jewish women. I’m sorry some saw it that way! Here is the full text of the interview I gave to the washingtonpost.com:

My husband at the time, Tom Arnold, who became friendly with Tom Werner surprised me by telling me that I had been invited to sing the national anthem at Tom Werner’s Padres game for working women’s night-

I was singing in my act at the time-and I am a good singer-I was flattered, and fully intended to sing a good version of the song. The night before I went on the tonight show w johnny carson and talked about it-Johnny said-whatever you do, don’t start too high-Robert Goulet started too high and it was a disaster.

The Echo and no musical support-caused me to do just that-I started too high. I knew about six notes in that I couldn’t hit the big note-so I just tried to get thru it-but i couldn’t hear anything-with 50K drunk assholes booing,screaming you fat cunt, giving me the finger and throwing bottles at me, during the song they ‘respect’ so much.

Do I regret that the next day all of my projects were cancelled and I had to have LAPD stand on my roof and protect my life and my kids for two years? Do I regret not being able to go out in public for about one full year without being spit on-in restaurants, seven eleven, etc? Do I regret Rolling Stone selling t-shirts with my picture in the middle of a gun target during Desert Storm? Do I regret that every ‘feminist’ in Hollywood ran the other way when they saw me at Hollywood functions, to avoid taking a picture with me? Do I regret my cartoon, little Rosey, the only female protaganist for children being cancelled despite good ratings and replaced with teenage mutant ninja turtles? Do I regret President George Bush 1 calling me disgraceful on television as he unleashed Desert Storm? Do I regret not one person in Hollywood defending me? Do I regret becoming aware of the toxic anti semitism in this country thru the dozens of death threats I received?

Actually, no, I don’t regret any of it-it was the catalyst I needed to re-connect to my Creator, who is my Source. Two years later, I was able to escape from a horrible marriage, and was in a new marriage and pregnant with my youngest son. I have sung the National Anthem much better since then-at various baseball games around the country. I also recorded a kids album . I’m glad that I still love to sing and that I improved as a singer since 1991

. i intended to do the crotch grab and spit because the players told me they would love it if I did, and it seemed funny in the dugout where we thought of it. None of them have ever admitted to that, but that’s what happened-Had it gone better, I would have taken a longer beat between singing and the ‘tribute’ to baseball players-but at that point, I just wanted to get out of there-my kids were sitting in the audience and I was concerned that they would be hurt-I sent cops to retrieve them-luckily they got out ok-and we flew home in the padres private jet. “We’ve got your back, don’t worry” is the last thing the Padres and Tom Werner said, and I never heard anything from the padres or tom werner after that. Yes i plugged my ears because I couldn’t hear anything-you can’t sing over 50k people screaming at you-They were hanging onto the fences, climbing them-ten men deep/high-trying to climb over it and beat me to death, or whatever-I’m not sure what they were thinking…When I got home and turned on the news-the newscaster was saying :”She’s lucky she got off that field with her life”-Even though people were hateful and angry toward me, and still are-everything I do is met with a rehashing of this mistake, and I have been blacklisted at every level of show business because of it-I just thank G-d that I sang the song in the United States of America, and not Gaza or Iran!I