Speech to Peace and Freedom Party 2012:

Hello, Citizens. The clock on our lives and those of our families and our neighbors from Coast to coast is ticking louder than ever, so how about if I skip the niceties and get right to it? How many of you are sick and tired of month after month of good cop/bad cop from the two-headed Demopublican BS machine and all this phony drama about how “close” it’s going to be in November? The country’s owners have done a pretty good job of sewing things up, haven’t they? No matter which Republicrat “master of ceremonies” is left standing at the end of the slimy rigged process, you can be sure that it’ll be business-as-usual for the smug corporate powers who keep a lid on anything that looks like it might grant some real freedom, security, and prosperity to the 99%. “Close,” they say? Close to what – the beginning of another four-year cycle of their plunder, their skimming, their slash-and-burn, scorched-earth policy when it comes to anything that might make life better for anybody but them and their cronies. “Close,” they say, the media moguls who make a killing from billing both sides who buy their time to rail about how the country will go to Hell in a hurry if the other side wins, but who grin and shake hands after the last vote is supposedly counted, and get back to enriching themselves even more, as our social safety net is shredded so that they can make their piles even bigger as everyone else scuffles and scrounges for crumbs from their loaded tables. “Close,” they say? Hey, I thought I was the comedian in this race!

Yes, I’m a comedian, and you know something I find funny, or should I say

sadly comical? The way so many indoctrinated lemming-like voters jump up on their desks, hike up their skirts, point their fingers and scream Bloody murder at the mere mention of the dreaded word socialism. Lots of them are the same older citizens who swear they’re CONservatives but who run to the barricades and protest loudly when anyone threatens their Social security. AND, while Left, Right, and Center voters mourn the death of the middle class – way too many forget that bulging wave of shared prosperity was born in the wake of World War thanks to a sweeping government program called the GI Bill, a program that put its money where its mouth was when it came to supporting our troops and charged returning GIs ONE Dollar to set their foot on the path of home ownership and provided them free College educations which turned them into doctors, lawyers, engineers and business people who didn’t rail at the fact that they should play by at least some rules and regulations.

90% of the paint in our hardware stores, nine cans of paint out of ten are now made by prison labor. The two most successful and wealthy private corporations in the world are American corporations and they’ve gotten rich beyond belief by using Chinese labor. Here’s a word about Apple and Walmart. Apple has more cash lying around than the US Treasury. And again, you know how they got that rich? By NOT hiring Americans. The family who owns Walmart has more money that the bottom 140 million Americans. You know how they got that rich? By filling their stores with good NOT MADE BY AMERICANS. I wouldn’t mind so much if they hired Chinese slaves to fight their wars! They tell us they have to do it their way so we can have lower prices. Here’s a clue for you, you greedy jackasses: We need the lower prices because you’re making more Americans more broke with your union-busting slave labor policies.

If California was a country, it would be the 7th richest nation on earth, but it’s too broke to pay its teachers, keep its libraries open and run its post offices. That’s what they tell us. We’re the richest…but we’re the brokest! And, again, I ask you – “I’m the comedian?”

What is the election in November REALLY about? It’s about a billion-dollar racket where each side pays big media for air time to scare the voters into thinking that the other side is even WORSE. We have to tighten our belts they tell us by way of the big, bloated, Demopublican media. Thanks to the union-busting, slave-master strategies of the 1% of 1% of 1% – Americans can’t even afford more HOLES in our BELTS and they tell us even our BELTS have to made in China. And I’m the comedian!!