Israel's 'fake left'-is run by Valerie Jarrett and Obama, as is US fake left:

If Obama and Jarrett can convince Israelis to vote for Herzog and Livni over Bibi, that will strengthen the fake left in the US-which is the locos of the BDS movement on US campuses-the proven cause of more anti semitism and violence toward American Jews-Bibi is the only opposition to Obama’s never ending Imperialist wars, and his pacification of Iran and his lobbying for nuclear proliferation.

Don’t be fooled-Obama opposes socialism/labor and a Jewish state in the heart of the Muslim world-he is not ‘progressive’-He works for vulture capitalism, fascist bailouts and a total war economy.

Don’t allow him to win in Israel. He is a lame duck w two yrs left to inflict damage on ALL tribal rights/ethnic sovereignty everywhere in the middle east.

He’s a corporatist-and that means: feudalism. The actual Left (censored besieged by revisionist historians) would NEVER choose him to be their representative. Don’t allow him 2 overturn Israeli sovereignty-that is his goal. He has made Bibi his scapegoat-don’t allow that. The differences between Likud and The zionist camp of Herzog are minimal-all of them are about Obama and his acceptance of incorrect ivory tower intellectual jihad and classism.