featured opinion: Swedish feminist Julie Anderson:

(Billionaire George Soros is a self-proclaimed Liberal who says his goal is to improve Society. Really?

I’ve always believed actions speak louder than words. Soros began to make money as a child helping his jewish family as they worked with the Nazi’s and sold off the property of other Jews who were being sent to Death Camps.

Later, he was convicted of insider trading in France. He  has made his billions thru the privitization of public assets around the World.  Great wealth is impossible without great poverty. The privitization of public assets causes poverty and almost all social problems along with the devastating day-to-day reality of those who must live in sub-human conditions.

One of the oldest tactics used in warfare is to divide and conquer. Pitting people against one another: men against women, black against white, young against old, Jew against Gentile, etc. Which enables those  who control the economic system that creates the real problem to continue their profiteering, unrestricted. The Sex Industry serves to pit men against women and preaches the propaganda of Rape Culture and Slavery.

We are not born free but as objects that have a value for others to profit from and enjoy. George Soros’ non-profit (at tax-payers expense) Organizations function as un-official PR Agencies to manipulate public opinion on key issues that might prove unpopular if the public knew what was really going on.

Recently, my friend Ai Maiga had her article “unpublished” by Soros non-profit openDemocracy.)

Here is our response:

When Democracy is attacked, brave people will always fight back. It only takes one person to shout Je suis Charlie and defend freedom of speech. We’re told Democracy is the most advanced political system; the system we should strive towards and embrace for the greater good through the advancement of all citizens being treated equal. Democracy is inseparable from freedom of speech. It’s only thru freedom of speech and a free press that Democracy is assured by constant questions, critic and hence improvement. It’s this constant striving for advancement, that is one of its greater strengths, which allows it to evolve and grow.

With this evolutionary principle in mind, consider how  openDemocracy’s Blog reacts when Institutions are critiqued. Does this Organization take in new information in an open way or do they go against the Democratic principles by shutting down & and silencing any voice that does not adhere to their worldview and agenda?

Is the role of free press to share ideas, stimulate debate and ensure our right to an informed opinion? Or is it to defend Corporate interests by silencing everything that could endanger corporate profit, even if that silence harms and manipulates the public? Are important, very unpleasant and disturbing facts about the  billion dollar Sex Industry being deliberately censored and kept from the public to manufacture uninformed public consent?

In October 2014, openDemocracy’s website published an article on human trafficking forces operating behind the fully legal Sex Industry in Europe. In November 2014, openDemocracy discretely made the article disappear, without informing the authors. (link to article in the Vancouver Rape Relief Center).

Feminists for years have analyzed how pressure from male demand, stimulated by the global Porn Industry, resulted in an increasing demand for young women and inexpensive sex. (Examples here http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2015/02/if-you-think-decriminalisation-will-make-prostitution-safe-look-germanys-mega or here https://banishea.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/legal-makes-it-safe-not/)

The article analyzed how the European legal map, applying different and confusing legislations, created a Wild West for Human Traffickers and  Pimps, who disguised as Corporate Businessmen import women like cattle and shared profits with the Sex Industry. An industry which could not exist and thrive without the massive supply of Female bodies that are the very foundation of its’ profit. It has been proven that the decriminalized and legal sex industry could not generate its enormous profits without the constant supply of human bodies. In other words, the legal sex trade could not exist without the illegal exploitation of women and children.

Consider these important topics regarding Economics:

How can a “consenting adult” pay taxes and contribute to a pension scheme, with a “salary” of $600 euros per month?  When the same “consenting adult” must pay a $800 euros fee per week to her “manager”? (link to : http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/human-trafficking-persists-despite-legality-of-prostitution-in-germany-a-902533.html)

How much money is left for the  “consenting adult” when a sex act cost $20 euros (Is the pimp’s cut included?) (link to http://www.thelocal.de/20130614/50297)

How can barely legal Porn be produced continuously, without the constant pressure to provide new bodies to the feed this massive machine? (link to : http://feministcurrent.com/10548/rashida-jones-states-the-obvious-about-sexualization-and-porn-talks-new-documentary-hot-girls-wanted/)

The legal & illegal world of the Sex Industry walk a shady path, hand in hand, lined with the lives of the women & children they have bled dry for profit . Organized gangs work together with legal brothels to import a constant flow of young women and children, to be ruthlessly exploited for the sexual gratification of men, whose main concerns are paying the cheapest price and their personal pleasure. No regard is given to the abuse and violence of those who are being sexually used for profit. This is all done with a blind eye and/or blessings of the EU Agencies, NGO’s and Governments. This enabling  must be questioned by the so-called Free Press and to not do so is an insult to the millions who suffer in silence. The very Agencies & people who are getting taxpayer’s money to help the most disadvantaged are instead participating in a systemic profiteering of their suffering. What is considered legal is ONLY possible thru illegal violent exploitation, then it is not, nor should be called or considered legal.

The Sex Industry must be discussed openly and completely in a balanced and fair manner. openDemocracy has decided to erase the article while promoting papers violently attacking survivors of prostitution. openDemocracy’s unprofessional, unethical, manipulative choices are telling. Un-biased Journalists, Scholars, the European Commission and the European Parliament, The International Labour Organization (ILO), Swedish and Norwegian governmental reports, were given no mention nor was any even slightly opposing opinion mentioned by openDemocracy.

Censorship serves to manipulates public opinion.  It ensures Readers do not make their own educated opinion based on all relative facts, but are lead to an opinion by publishing one viewpoint that glowingly proclaims the benefits of the Sex Industry to all; consumers and “sex-workers” (trafficked women and children)  so of course, everybody wins! However,  the ones whose can truly tell us the most about this Industry and the very ones whose voices we are not being allowed to hear because they do not control access to the media. When there are no problems, who wouldn’t be in favor of such a fabulous Industry? The issue is framed as an individual’s right to do whatever they want. When it becomes a matter of personal choice the bigger picture is blurred and the real cost to individuals and society as well as actual workings of the industry are silenced. Who will investigate how that human “item” comes to be for sale in the first place? As it is her choice to be sold, there is nothing to discuss. It is always easier to blame the victim than to look at the system that creates the victim or allows the obscene profiteering of the victimizer. For the oldest profession in the world is NOT prostitution but pimping.

Yes, openDemocracy is open. Open to the Sex industry, to males in power, greed, bribes, dishonesty, manipulations, and the perverse belief that profit justifies males being entitled to use bodies and destroy the very life of those less powerful simply because they deserve whatever they want.   In effect, openDemocracy has become the abusive brooding lurking male, in the background; controlling the power and silencing the voices of women who cry out for justice and for their stories to be heard. Make no mistake these are the bullies, the brutes, the silencers. They  profit from use and abuse, force and sheer brutality and by  perpetuating a  perverse pornographic sexual fantasy  about a world in which women & children are willing victims who love to be used, beaten,  and die for the pleasure of serving their abuser and the profit of their pimps.

After witnessing first hand the events that took place in Thailand/Burma, I highly recommend:


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