LET LIGHT UNITE! The 6th Uranus and Pluto square is next week on the 15th. Let’s amplify as much light as we can. It is our destiny to have 25,000 yrs of peace. Let’s make effort.LIGHT CIRCLE THURSDAY NIGHT 7PM PST. Let’s negate the Nazi/4th reich energy and amplify all that is good on the planet. We deserve enlightenment. LET LIGHT UNITE! 

Let’s choose Divine enlightenment over WW3. By Cathy Bilsky and Roseanne Barr

The planets are lining up for some major movement and you…we…. need to decide what direction we want the earth and all life forms to go in. Uranus and Pluto are squaring off and are lining up for the 6thand 7th squares on Dec. 15,, 2014 and March 16,2015. When this happens the environment is ripe for revolution- and eventually a rebirth to a new way of life…..Divine enlightenment or a satanic planet…our choice. (I choose door #1 Divine enlightenment.)
To put it simply the last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great upheaval – ire. The Great Depression, the invention of the atomic bomb AND THE RISE OF ADOLF HITLER,
If we can hold the Divine light-energy thru these last 2 squares we have an excellent chance of real world enlightenment. It’s the white magicians vs the dark satanic luciferian magicians and who will hold the greater energy. We are up against Lucifer/Satan and his followers who want the destruction of the planet along with all life forms on her. I quote George Bush Sr. “Out of chaos comes order” (cancel clear)
These satanist understand the planets and when to use them. The last Uranus/ Pluto square these dark beings went unchecked and their magic/creations became the strong manifestation which created Hitler.
People who work with darkness use Pluto for calling demons up from the depths and this energy can be used by people of light to bring forth truths which are rarely comfortable. When  Uranus/Pluto square this gives Lucifer and followers the opportunity to let the demons of chaos loose on the planet (cancel clear). Again I quote George Bush Sr. “Out of chaos comes order” (cancel clear)
It’s2014….81 years later the white magicians/ energy workers are awakened and we will be not sit back and let the dark side manifest the 4th Reich.…or anything just as evil..like Armageddon. The only way that will happen if we…the light workers….don’t do our job.
We are being given a spiritual heads up. This time we have a great chance of quantum leaping the world into enlightenment……and negate a powerful prophesy Lucifer gave a 33 degree mason / satanic worshiper/ Grandmaster of the newly formed KKK, the x-confederate brigadier general…that good ole boy Albert Pike Grand master of all Masons. A real evil schmuck.
Albert was said to talk directly to Lucifer thru a magic bracelet (who am Ito say it wasn’t true..the guy was down right creepy/nasty.)Lucifer came to him in a dream and told him about 3 world wars that would happen. To the point WW1 & WW2 came true as was told and the 3rd is manifesting as we speak. (cancel clear). Lucifer’s “peeps” are doing everything they can do to make his dreams come true….sigh…and I…. well..in guy terms..I want to really fuck up Lucifer’s plans. That would bring me great joy.
It’s also our chance to release the old patriarchal chaotic energy that no longer serves. This grand squareencourages us to rise up into higher dimensions as much as possible —- ascension.
Please share this info and power prayer and make some effort saying this at least once a week. We can stop focusing our energy work on March 15, 2015when the last 7 of 7 squares hits us….with Divine enlightenment of course.
When anyone reads this may the words be amplified 100,000 fold.
Let their be light! In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me I COMMAND:

I call forth the power of Angelic protection for all who read this work.

To our right stands the Archangel Michael.

To our left stands the Archangel Gabriel.

In front of us stands the Archangel Uriel.

Behind us stands the Archangel Rafael.

Below us stands the Archangel Zadkiel.

Above our heads is the Eternal Shekhina-

The Shekhina Et Al

We command Michael the Archangel to cut ties to all of Albert Pikes satanic written works . We tie and bind every book of his especially Morals and Dogma. We send the violet flame thru all copies of the books past, present and future to transmute all words to Divine Light and neutralizing all intent.
We cut ties to Pike and all of Lucifer’s prophecies especially the manifestation of WW3. We cut ties to all that are trying to create his energy now, violet flame it transmuting all that negative energy so it has no more forward movement replacing it with Peace and World Divine enlightenment.
We cut ties to the bracelet that connected Pike to Lucifer as we reconnect that bracelet back to the Creator we command it to be neutral and powerless so no one may use it.
We cut all ties Pike had to the orders of the Palladium (also called Sovereign Council of Wisdom, Knights of the Golden Circle, Palladian Order of Skull and Bones, Order of the Solar Temple , The KKK,Knights of Malta, Knights Templers, Masons, Free Masons Scottish rites,Vatican ,the Illuminati, allof Royal Empire and their Erev Rav servantsand their desire for a one world satanic government . We also ask Michael the Archangel to cut all ties between these groups and all their agendas , oaths, vows,rituals they may have taken together to bond their brotherhood and further their cause. We ask Michael to remove all veils and overlays they have placed on each other allowing each one to become a free agent being set free from the “bee” mentality. We see all their plans falling apart being replaced with Divine World Enlightenment.
We release, cancel-clear and dissolve all from your black magic you have woven with Satan to keep this planet and all life forms in slavery.We call to Michael the Archangel to take his sword of blue flame and cut ties to all your magic, including all skins it is written on no matter where you keep it hidden. Nothing can hide from God, so be afraid … be very afraid.
We call to the Creator to cut all luciferian/satanic/Masonic generational ties and Generational Abuse to their children along with child trafficking. We ask that all those that have been abused have all manipulative traumatic overlays removed allowing them to reconnect to the Creator becoming awakened spiritual beings.
We call Michael the Archangel forth to cut all ties to the Jesuits,black Pope and all Popes past present and future to all their one world satanic church agendas. The ties to all your black magic are cut from you and pacts you made with Satan are dissolved by the sacred fire. 
All trusts are also hereby dissolved though the sacred trust that God has with humans to set us free including…..
We cut all black magic satanic ties and binds the Pope has placed on all life forms, souls, and the planet earth, going back to the time of Pope Boniface and any Papal Bulls he created, cutting ties to an express trust called Unim Sanctum that claims the Pope owns all souls. The ties and binds to this energy and all souls are now cut free from your bondage. You own no one. The people of this planet all have their very own direct link to God the Creator thus in charge of all dominion on the planet. You do not own the world, humans, or any souls on this planet or anywhere. We can manage our own sacred trusts with the Creator ourselves. We now reconnect all these souls to the Creator, helping them become awakened conscious spiritual beings.
We cut the ties to all of Pope Nicholas V, in 1435, trusts he set up claiming all real- estate as his, then binding that in magic.
We cut all ties with the trust called Cestui Que Vie claiming all souls to Satan and the Catholic Church.We cut all ties to Pope V I and the trust that makes people slaves.

We cut all ties and magical contracts the Roman Vatican church-Empire had with Hitler, allof Royal Empire and their Erev Rav servants.
All concordats are now dissolved by the Violet Flame, healed in Angelite and reconnected to the Creator now becoming neutral or only emitting love. The energy of the 1st through the4th Reich is now dissolved.
We call the Violet Flame through all these trusts to clean up the energy, Angelite to heal it, then we reconnect it to the Creator,COMMANDING it to be neutral. We call to the fire Elemental to blaze though this magic till it’s cleansed by fire to ashes and dust. I see the storage vaults in physical flame NOW. We cut the ties to all this magic and the bonding of it with Lucifer/Satan. 
We now see all veils and overlays over all souls being removed, allowing everyone to reconnect to their Higher Selves becoming awakened spiritual beings fully aware of their Divine missions and purposes.
We call to the Higher Selves of all popes (black and white) past,present, future, all Nazi’s, Alumbrados, Jesuits, Opus Dei,Illuminati, Masons, the Scottish rites and all fraternal organizations connected to the Roman catholic church, to step forward in the light of God and renounce Lucifer/Satan, all lies, deceptions and wars you create. If you choose not to, which is your free will, I call to your Higher Self and Guardian Angel to put you all in positions of harmlessness NOW. We remove all veils, overlays you have placed on each other, cut the oaths you have taken together binding you to each other and your projects … Now removed!
For those who choose to stay with Satan … again your free will, we place you all in a bubble of mirror, the mirror facing you so any dark energy you try and send out will stay contained, and we add the Violet Flame to cleanse this energy so it does not gain any strength.This bubble of mirror will stay up 24/7, 365 days a year from here through eternity. It will dissolve when you choose to work in the light of the Creator and not Satan. Until then this bubble keeps you powerless.
We cut all ties to the energy of the Jesuit instruction manual “Monita Secreta Societatis Jesu”..”The Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesuits”, transmute all that energy thru the sacred fire of the violet flame neutralizing all intent. May whoever tries to read these instructions simply fall asleep without being able to retain any of the written word.
Let all veils and overlays of magical protection be removed as the Goddess of Truth brings everything that you are trying to hide up to the surface – In a way where the masses see it and are given the Divine inspiration on how to correct what you have done. The Goddess of Justice is after you now. I call for your karmic return for all your works, which shall be amplified 100,000,000 fold. I step aside as it’s returned to you NOW! As your magic is dissolved and neutralized, all life forms can now reconnect to the Creator,becoming awakened enlightened joyful beings Quantum leaping us into the Golden Age of Divine Enlightenment.
We cancel clear all Illuminati thoughts that it is their destiny to rule. 
We cancel clear the law of Thelma which is there is no law beyond “Do what thou wilt.” 
We cancel clear all pledges to the “Roc” nation, Gotti and the rain man. We cancel clear the energy that is creating a satanic religion out of Hip Hop music. 
We cancel clear all ties to all Illuminati references/symbols of the temple of the sun. 
We cut ties to all Masonic symbols. 
I command Michael the Arch angel to go and cut the ties all these demonic forces have attached themselves too including entertainers,singers, actors, comediennes, athletes, people, places, animals , people attending any concert or public venues and anyone in the military. As the demonic forces are cut we tie and bind them, send them through the violet flame to help them clean up their energies then send them back to God filling that space up with an angel of love. We cut the ties to all rituals calling in the demonic forces that are done in any concert or public venue, anchoring the violet flame to transmute that energy back to light. 
We cut ties to all music that has had magic done to it to be successful as well as all satanic magic rituals conjuring up demons and commanding them to attach themselves to the master copies of music &music videos. We cut these demons from all album covers and music,tie and bind them sending them through the violet flame to transmute their energies back to light and send them back home to God. We now fill that space up with an angel of enlightenment. 
We command That all Nazi swastikas symbols are reversed so the energy now brings in peace and prosperity back to the earth and humanity.Every time anyone looks at a Nazi swastika see the energy being reversed into its correct positive direction. We cut the ties to anyone whose intent is to misuse any sacred symbols. We call the violet flame through them to clean them up and we reconnect those symbols to the Divine. See these energies being reversed to their positive correct direction NOW.
I command that any portals, star gates, time portals , including the time portal at Montauk , being used for the dark purpose of manipulating time or allowing dark forces from other dimensions on the planet., be cut from those that are misusing them closed and sealed…forever. Made invisible and moved so they cannot reopen them. Imagine any machines being used for this purpose breaking down NOW! See any magic symbols and rituals being used to rent the veils between inter dimensions be rendered harmless. I ask that all those who try and run Vril machines become confused so the machines do not function properly. As Vril energy is corrected see humanity become conscious and focused on their Divine spiritual growth bringing the Golden Age into manifestation.
As Lucifer’s group’s hierarchical leaders work toward a new world order, including everyone helping any of his groups on any level, anyone that chooses to work with darkness or that try to misuse energy (elementals, extraterrestrials or humans),let them be cut off completely from their energy supplies including money.
Let’s all send an uplifting golden solar energy that propels us far into Divine Enlightenment to all obelisks, domes , pyramids, meridian,grids, all lay lines and all the sacred power spots on the planet.See it anchoring to these power spots now.
I call for Michael the Archangel to use his Sword of Blue Flame to daily cut all ties and binds between these misguided Light beings and all Lucifer, dark entities all dark or out of balance energy source,and all energies they are trying to manipulate and control. For the Goddesses of Love, Truth, Mercy, Compassion, Righteousness and Justice step into their lives and show them the error of their miss-balanced ways. For Lord Zadkiel and his heavenly hosts to step into these misguided Light beings’ lives continuously to amplify the Violet Flame around them and transmute the evil thought-forms, words,ceremonies, deeds and rituals into love or totally neutralize useless energies that burn out of their own account.
We then call on Meta of the Healing Ray to minister to these misguided light beings daily. We send Divine Light to their hearts and brains.
I Ask that all of the above who chooses not to step forward into the light be placed in a bubble of mirror, facing them 2 inches from their nose. This mirror stays in place as long as they do their will–sending the energy back to them. We place the violet flame inside this bubble so any negative energy immediately burns out so no energy momentum can be achieved. It will disappear when they do God’s divine will.
Let these shields of energy be in place on all darkness from this time through the Golden Age.