Prayer of Protection for those of the Jewish Faith

Prayer of Protection for those of the Jewish Faith.
By Cathy Bilsky
As we join our creative energies together as one voice let us now call:
(say this out loud using the power of the spoken word and say this with as much feeling as you can…shouting is good)
In the name of the presence of God, which I am, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me; I COMMAND:
I call to the Creator, Angels, Spiritual Hierarchy and all the Cosmic beings of light to give us their assistance in negating all negative thought forms of destruction directed toward those of the Jewish faith replacing that energy with positive peaceful constructive thoughts.
We cut all ties to all fear that is be perpetuated by anyone regarding the Jews, including the CIA,Jesuits, Pope, Arabs,the movie industry or any anti-Semite again replacing the fear with constructive positive thoughts. We command the angels and all cosmic beings to interfere with all plans of mass destruction and the sacrifice of any Jews as well as neutralizing all satanic plans for creating chaos going backwards and forwards 1,000’s of years.
I ask that the energy of racism towards people of the Jewish faith be removed by Michael the Archangel, cutting the ties with His sword of Blue Flame since the creation of the planet until now. Let this be trailed by the Violet Fire to transmute all back to Light. Let those thought-forms be replaced with Divine Love. I ask the Goddess of Truth into everything on the planet that is trying to hide racism and bring it up to the surface. That she brings forward all secrets and hidden agendas, the Illuminati, Aryan nation, the Antioch Baptist Church, the KKK, Nazi Party, all Dark Politicians, Nazi’s, skinheads, CIA, Jesuits, Pope etc., are hiding or disguising regarding their practices. Let all anti-Semitic energy veils be removed from humankind so the Divine may again come through. I command that all persons with negative feelings or emotions towards those of the Jewish faith step into the Violet Flame and then onto the Light.
I call Divine Light, Divine Wisdom and Divine Caring/Compassion to everyone’s heart now letting kindness caring and love come through for all. For those “stuck” beings I ask the creator to shut their reptilian brain down and activate the Divine God brain. We see these beings become an awakened spiritual being that now knows better than to hurt or harm any life form. I call to the Higher Selves of all life forms and ask that they now see everyone as brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, all one family.
We cut all ties to any music and all symbols that refer to the destruction of the Jews by any kind of weapons cleansed by the violet flame, healed by the Angelite energy then we see this energy being reconnected to the Creator now commanding all elemental’s to be neutral. We see all symbols, prophecies and all music loosing their energy as well as all forward movement. As prophesies may be changed we put all our creative energies into seeing the state of Israel joyful, protected and safe.
We ask oh Creator that all elemental’s of war such as guns, explosives, knives, bombs, land mines, trigger mechanisms, planes, rockets, weapons, drones, all nuclear weapons, computers, gases, germs, satellites, electrical towers, microwave towers, bio genetics, sound waves and weapons as well as any advanced weaponry that we may not have thought of. For example any off planet technology that is meant to destroy any Jewish life form on earth or the earth herself, and voodoo effigies that are being asked to hurt or destroy any Jewish life on any level, be commanded through the Sacred Triangle of Humans, Angels and Elemental’s to misfire, disintegrate, choose to malfunction, or generally be harmless and take the path of Love. We see all poison gas and aerosol canisters not working so they will not release toxins, they will be stopped by the power of all that is good and true..that nothing but good shall circulate in the air. May all the rats, mice, termites, snakes, spiders, flies, fleas now infect all equipment of war so all will break down.
We Cut ties to those that may want to create the illusion of an alien invasion real or military created. Cut ties to all holographic machines, the computers that run them and all satellites. When they try and communicate with each other they receive nothing but white noise and lots of static. As all their high tech equipment malfunction and break down all operators and technicians have memory problems as they all become dyslexic around their equipment.
I call to all possible bombs that may be planted inside (or outside) Israel including nuclear and ask that you breakdown and become totally nonfunctional. We command the angels and all cosmic beings to do whatever they need to do to see that all of these weapons malfunction.
We cut ties to Israel and all religious groups trying to manifest Armageddon and using Israel as a patsy. We cut ties to all old bible stories that is creating this hostility between the Arabs and Israel. We violet flame all those old thought forms NOW. Let’s replace those thoughts with ideas of peace, compassion, harmony and love.
Let’s send more light energy to all those Israelis that stand for peace. May they be sent all they need to be successful in their missions as well as Divine protection. See the peace movement growing and becoming greater than the war energy.
Let the love flow.
 Never the less not our will but thy will be done.