The Ghosts that haunt HRC:

October 11, 2013

Ms. Roseanne Barr
Peace and Freedom Party
Activist, Writer, Producer, Actress

Secretary Hillary Clinton
Democratic Party
United States

Title: The Ghosts That Haunt Hillary Clinton; Gwatney, Kuwata, and Tubbs-Jones

Dear Madam Secretary:

In your autobiography “Living History” you have a fictitious conversation with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. You discuss what you would say to her if you lived in her time period, an interesting discussion about the role of women in politics. As you know Eleanor Roosevelt was a huge champion of Women, African Americans, The Poor, Disabled, and Impoverished. She also was a huge enemy of Wall St., The City of London, The British Empire, and The Mafia.

Your book “Living History” is an admirable effort to highlight the Progressive Roots of The Democratic Party. However, since 2011 you have done a strong departure from these values. This letter will be an analytical attempt to explain this constant contradiction from what harms our country, to your loyalty to this same evil power. What explains the foolish support of the Soros owned Green Peace Activists arrested in Russia, and on the other hand a sensible response to the NSA spying scandal?

Let us begin with deceased Arkansas DNC Chairman Bill Gwatney, an honorable man. It was no secret Gwatney was collecting signatures to place your name on the Nomination Ballot for the 2008 DNC Convention. It’s also no secret that Gwatney was murdered by an obvious MKUltra Assassin Timothy Dale Johnson. Johnson never met Bill Gwatney and there was no apparent motive for the crime. Subsequent to this event you abandoned your efforts for a floor fight for the nomination, and Criminal Obama became President.

We can continue with Congressman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, another honorable women and supporter of yours. Tubbs-Jones was also in support of a floor fight for you in 2008 and was also harassed by the criminal Obama Regime during the primaries. A perfectly healthy Tubbs-Jones became deceased with a sudden brain aneurysm, and her car lost control and crashed. This event put yet another damper in your efforts to continue to fight for America and the FDR Tradition of the Democratic Party.

We can move onto Democratic Party Strategist Kam Kuwata, another honorable man and supporter of yours. Kuwata was found dead in his apartment in Venice, California. The cause of death unknown and the LAPD conveniently cited no “foul play”. The Justice Department or FBI never investigated Kuwata’s death, do we need to wonder why?

Moving onto a miracle story with Congressman Gabby Giffords. Giffords was investigating drug trafficking across the Arizona/Mexico border with now deceased Federal Judge Roll. Giffords was also working with sitting congressman Congressman Mike Conaway in the 11 district of Texas. Giffords last legislation was HR 3801 The Ultra Light Aircraft Smuggling Act. This bill was signed into law to hopefully go after the people who tried to fatally murder Congressman Giffords. In his last interview before his death President Lyndon B. Johnson cited “Murder Inc” as the apparatus behind those who killed JFK. He even asked Attorney General Ramsey Clark to reopen the investigation to know avail.

Secretary Clinton: You are absolutely wrong to attack President Putin over Green Peace. Green Peace is a British/Soros controlled part of the World Wild Life Fund. It’s more than obvious that Putin is protecting Russia from the same apparatus that killed your friends, Gwatney, Kuwata, and Tubbs-Jones. Putin is fighting the evil apparatus of British Empire and Saudi Arabia who plotted and financed the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Your contradictory behavior makes perfect sense in this light, you hate the empire, but you don’t have the courage, soul, and conviction to fight this very empire who stole the Presidency from you in 2008. How do you sleep at night Madam Secretary? Perhaps you don’t, perhaps, just perhaps the ghosts of Gwatney, Kuwata, and Tubbs-Jones don’t let you. Perhaps your friends who have passed can shame you onto the path to rescue this nation. Perhaps your fallen friends who believed in you can inspire you. Capitulation to the empire will not give you the keys to The Presidency. The Empire doesn’t have permanent allies, only permanent principles of Imperialism, Malthusianism, Rape, Murder, and Dictatorship. To them you are expendable.

Roseanne Barr
Peace and Freedom Party