Two Letters regarding My Candidacy for the Green Party


To Whom It May Concern:

IMHO – Roseanne should have conceded gracefully to Jill Stein, rather than selfishly run against her. Perhaps with Roseanne’s backing, Jill could have been helped to more publicity. As it was, I think Jill, Cheri and their team did a fabulous job up against a corporate media black out.

Most people that I talked to thought Roseanne running was a joke and they could not imagine her as the president of the United States! Whereas, Jill always presented herself with knowledgeable confidence and an impressive dignity. She gained the respect of many who did not know her before. She and Cheri worked very hard up against HUGE odds.

I hope that Jill considers a second run, having now become better known. They may all be too exhausted to think about that right now, though!

We should use this interim to make allies in the progressive world and work in coalitions rather than splintered facets trying to defeat the established power structure that, I believe is ripe for the taking. (It’s a matter of time for the GOP, which I like to think of as an acronym for Go Away Please or Get Out of Politics.)

Sadly, the state of Florida IS still very “red” in many areas and the stigma brought by the “tight race” propaganda that was used did not help US with swing voters who feared Romney. Nevertheless, I was pleased to see that our area of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties gave the Greens the MOST support in the state.

Member of Green Party

Votes for: Stein Barr
in CA 57,274 36,414
in FL 8,676 7,911

Dear Green Party Member:

With due respect why would a person of Roseanne Barr’s stature a person of internationally known fame “gracefully concede” to an unknown outside of her state Zionist?

I mean would you do that after being publicly and viciously attacked because of your profession while constantly being bombarded with insults from small minded but powerful within the Green Party white male liberals who are actually are closet racist? These puny minded people have employed every cheep political trick possible to keep you off a ballot? I’m sorry but if you’ve got any pride I don’t think so!

In fact I think it’s because of her people friendly gentle nature that she didn’t and has not publicly fought these racist back. I can tell you that if it would’ve been this homeboy the shit would’ve been flying all over the damn place! And for these white male racist to proudly post vote differences as proof Roseanne was not the right candidate give me a freaking break. If anything it clearly shows proof on how flawed the Stein campaign really was.

Reflect for a moment and look closely at their numbers.

In California Stein received 57,274 with Barr getting 36,414.

In other words Barr received that many votes without being on a national party ticket and after starting a campaign many months behind Stein.

Then look at your state of Florida.

Stein got 8,676 and Barr getting 7,911.

Come on now even you must admit that that’s a damn good showing for a candidate who again didn’t have the assistance of being on a national ticket.

As one Barr hater’s post keeps reminding us “the Peace and Freedom Party is not a national party.”

The way Roseanne chalked up votes across America had she had the benefit of being on a national party she would have made mince meat of not only Jill, but Rocky and oh yeah who’s that other also ran dude I think his name was Gary something, smile.

Roseanne’s name and personality got the Greens back into the national and international media spotlight something the party hadn’t received since the days of that “everyone should love me, opportunistic camera seeking, use the Greens to fall back on when everything else is failing and news media is not covering me, the presidential race is beginning time to call on that organization of damn fools that I still have fooled and will do whatever I tell them even though I’m not nor do I ever have to become a member of their damn party cause they my punks” Ralph Nader.

In fact I’d go so far as to say Roseanne’s comedian image saved this sunken party after it had fallen into the trash dumps of political history.

And guess what, it’s probably headed there once more under the leadership of these white males that dominate this party.

Hell I’ll go you one even better.

It is my personal belief that this party is Zionist controlled and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that it is the party of the Benjamin Netanyahu’s of the world. I believe that they have a huge investment in keeping this party running in place. Since their war hawk friends in Washington DC already control the major two parties and an uncontrolled independent party would be a killer for their long-term agenda. I truly believe that Americans are quickly becoming sick and tired of funding the Israeli racist war machine while Americans starve.

Finally, to prove how deep the hostility towards Roseanne was you need go no further than the 2012 ANM.

There you witnessed a peace loving long time Green woman who at the time thought this party was the greatest thing since slice bread. After she was viciously attacked simply for reading a speech her opinion changed dramatically.

Some coward men got all up in her face as news cameras rolled she was shocked.

Imagine for a moment going to a convention just to read a speech in a climate where the person who’s speech you are about to read had received tons of death threats and hostile calls.

But you feel you’re among friends after all these are people you’ve worked alongside for over a decade. You’ve even run for office receiving praise from them. So you should feel you’re in a comfortable safe environment shouldn’t you?

But for the Farheen Hakeem that was not to be the case. What happened at the AMN was not only an eye opener for her, but for the gentle natured candidate Roseanne Barr. They both found out something black folks have witnessed in America for centuries.

They found that to many white folks you’re okay until you disagree, then bam!

Its like great songs the hits just keep on coming.

Nurse their children with mild from your black breast all the while denying your own that’s wonderful, then bam!

You repaired that favorite tractor on masters farm saving him hundreds of dollars great job, then bam!

You managed to get all boll weevils out saving this year’s cotton crop ohh great, then bam!

You fight side by side to win wars even as you’re 3/5s of a human being in the US Constitution and never receive equal veteran benefits all the while suffering in silence oh man that’s awesome, then bam!

Then Farheen sees that after such a vicious attack that only one or two white female Greens write to the list to show any sympathy or denounce this behavior. She found that she didn’t have the right as whites to support another candidate that was a no no!

But I’ll tell you that had I been there I would’ve been all over those cowards to see if they would do that to a man. Especially a true straight up liberation black man!

So with all due respect, Roseanne Barr was the best candidate the Greens could have had this year. Unfortunately she will probably go the way of other candidates who have been burned by this white male dominated party she’ll continue to shine while the party’s brief and small media star sits tarnished until another bright shining star comes along. And yes the white racist Zionist will be waiting.

Member of Peace and Freedom Party

Additional Comment

How is that even possible with the level of toxicity within the Party? Perhaps she means reaching out to people within designated zip codes and it will look good on paper like everything else on their platform. So far, the Green Party is a private exclusive club. It speaks volume when a State convention cannot have the 10 people required for a quorum. It clearly means that party growth is not of utmost importance. The Party now exists only on its list serve and they are not talking to the streets. I think that they are afraid that Roseanne Barr would bring to the Party the people they do not want in. Roseanne Barr started with the Peace & Freedom Party in August, so the number of votes she received is a big success. The Barr campaign reflected the demographic mosaic of the United States. Titleholders within the GP are more interested in their status than reaching out to the people. I am anxiously waiting to see Roseanne’s final number of write in votes nationwide. To think that people around the world are counting on Progressives in this country to bring another voice to the table in Washington. If only they knew.