From Gary Coutin

The Electoral College violates the Declaration of Independence and the self-evident truths it expresses: The Declaration is the Supreme Law of the Land.

The Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 was written by slaveholder’s for a government of slaveholders for the benefit of slaveholders.

The Constitution not only established the government but it rigged the government for the benefit of the one percent of the people that owned slaves.

The Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 also rigged the means of amending the Constitution so that it would not be possible for the national government to eliminate slavery by amending the Constitution.

Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 ceased to have any legitimacy when the Slaveholders launched the War of the Slaveholder’s Rebellion we call the Civil War.

The Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 was replaced by the People’s Constitution of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The Electoral College is not only a relic of slavery from the past but it is a mechanism of slavery in the present.

The Judiciary has jurisdiction to rule the Electoral College “unconstitutional” because the alternative to adjudication is a resumption of the Civil War and the courts are an alternative to violence.