Letter from Hugh Esco


From Hugh Esco:

I have just sent a note to Dr. McCabe asking that my name be included with her sign-on letter.

Dr. Stein: Your campaign’s failure to fully embrace our Party’s Platform on this subject is largely responsible for my not being more fully engaged with this campaign, for my having not contributed more financially than I have.

I agree fully with the assessment of the Open Letter that your campaign’s statements on the subject obfuscate the true nature of the apartheid and Zionist occupation of Palestine and do a disservice to our Party’s leadership on this subject.

In these final 18 days I hope we can see a change of course and your campaign’s full-throated support for a one-state resolution, for the international BDS campaign which can make that possible and that the campaign’s future statements on this issue find ways of clarifying rather than obfuscating the racism and colonialism at the root our nation’s immoral support for the Settler State in Palestine.

Ben, for some sense of how I really feel about this subject, I urge that you place a copy of this article in our candidate’s hands: http://www.georgiagreenparty.org/blog/hesco/ZionismIsNotAGreenValue

As I wrote in that piece two years ago:

” . . . it would seem that too many of us are willing to be good Germans, to look the other way, to ignore the pleas of those victimized by our neo-colonial presence in Palestine, to allow the non-white native population of that region to remain invisible while we hold the myth that Israel has made the desert bloom, when in fact they have merely stolen the arable land, fresh water sources and family gardens from the Brown folks who they turned into refugees, prisoners and

The National Committee saw through the misinformation to adopt a Platform position we can all be proud of. I hope that our 2012
standard-bearer can do the same.

Please let this Party’s 2012 Presidential campaign be used to help educate the U.S. electorate to this reality of our political
opposition’s policies, and to clearly distinguish us from the status-quo on these issues.

s/ Hugh Esco