Free and Equal Debate??

Email from Thomas Muhammad:

Hi Folks as you can see this is not a “Free and Equal” debate, but a shill for Ralph Nader who never cared for real independent voices like Cynthia McKinney and Roseanne Barr. The founder of this debate group is Christina Tobin who is simply a stalking horse for Nader.

Nader has never liked Cynthia or Roseanne, because they don’t get all google when he walks in the room and they are not casting themselves from his election shadows.

After calling and leaving a message trying to find out why Roseanne was left out of this debate a person name Antonia Hall called me back providing a very weak reason. She said all the people in the debate ‘met the qualifications’ to be in the debate.

When I asked what qualifications those were? She said she would have to get someone else to call me back and provide that answer. I then said that’s exactly what the established campaigns tell others who they don’t want in debates, so what makes you guys any different? She of course was speechless.

I stated that Roseanne was the most popular person in the country running for president as an independent and was not even asked to be a part of the debate was crazy! I also said I would be sending a note on to Al Jazeera as well.

We should pass these numbers around to everyone and let them know we totally disagree with this type of farce!

Antonia’s number is 707-234-9738 also I did call Christina and left a message at 312-320-4101.

This may not do any good at this late date, but I believe it’s always good to at least leave a record for historical acknowledgement, peace!