Roseanne Barr on Florida Ballot

Roseanne Barr will be one of a dozen presidential candidates on the Florida ballots for the November 6 election.

The comedian is taking advantage of Florida’s liberal ballot access rules and will represent the California-based Peace and Freedom Party. Barr’s running mate is anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, who famously camped outside of George W. Bush’s Texas ranch to protest the Iraq War, where her son was killed.

The 59-year-old former “Roseanne” star announced her intention to run as the Green Party’s presidential candidate in February. She submitted paperwork but Boston physician Jill Stein was nominated instead.

When asked at the time what she would do first if elected, Barr joked in a video posted on “Coast-to-coast free party. Free eats. I’m giving everybody the day of with pay, including myself. And them I’m going to bring back the McRib.”

The other 12 presidential candidates on the Florida ballot will include former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party and philosopher Ayn Rand for the Objectivist Party.

Check out five of the things Roseanne wants to change if she were elected as President of the United States:

End War on Drugs
Barr calls for the legalization of marijuana and according to her Green Party questionnaire, “all drugs in general.” She suggested that drug education and treatment plans replace the practice of imprisoning non-violent drug abusers.

The campaign’s website states, “The legalization of marijuana is the way to end all Drug Wars and stop the monopoly of the subsidized prison systems. Our government and corporations are getting paid every time someone goes to prison for non-violent crimes due to marijuana arrests. Drug laws need to be rewritten to make them sane and people based. We need to end the prohibition on marijuana and legalize it.”

Fix the Broken Economy
The campaign site states, “The Bankers and the Federal Reserve need to be brought down. They have stolen our money, our future and the American Dream and continue to enslave us with a broken monetary system. There is no scarcity; there is manipulation of the resources. We need to end the wars, bring our troops home and our jobs back, create new Green jobs and put people back to work. We need a resource based economy.”

Clean Water and Organic Food
Clean water and preservation of natural water sources is paramount to our survival. Those that lead us have allowed the corporations to cross over the web of life and they have destroyed the genetic code,” the campaign said in a statement. “In the process, they have befouled our food and water supply. We need real discussions and rapid action about future water sources, greening our neighborhoods and growing natural, organic food.”

Stop Wars – Pay for Health Care
In the questionnaire Barr used to apply to be a Green Party candidate, Barr said she intended to bring home troops not only from war, but also from the 1,000-plus foreign U.S. military bases, which she would “permanently shut down.”

“This would save more than enough money to implement a single-payer health care system in the United States,” Barr wrote. “Guantanamo Bay will remain open and that is where I will send anyone who opposes this plan. Just kidding on that last part.”

“Wars make the stock market go up and are fueled by profits. Where one puts their money is where one puts their energy,” the campaign website reads. “The Military Industrial Complex is our shadow government. If we are going to bring on America the same things that we have done in other countries then we need to get up off our knees and fight against those who would take away our freedoms. War is already over. Let’s work together to make war obsolete.

Equality for All
Roseanne’s campaign focuses on supporting working class Americans and advocates equal rights for all – regardless of race, gender and sexual preference.

“America runs best on diversity, freedom of thought and many ideas interjected from many kinds of people – collective intelligence. We need our differences! Current laws should not restrict people on whom they can love or where they can live and work,” reads the campaign website. “Racial or any other kind of profiling is not American and makes innocent citizens into criminals. We need to revamp our laws. Equality is what was truly intended by our nation’s founders.”

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