We Congratulate President Hugo Chavez on his Re-Election

On 7th October, 2012 the people of Venezuela went to the poll to vote
for their President and the process was a gigantic success. 19 million
eligible voters from all corners of Venezuela participated in the
Incumbent Hugo Chavez was re-elected as President and
Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces of the Bolivarian Republic of
Venezuela with percent. The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for
Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCIF-PFS) therefore, wishes to
welcome Dr. Hugo Chavez’s re-election and would like to warmly
congratulate him for this record-breaking success.
The results which represent the democratic wishes and freedoms of the
Venezuelan people testify to the esteem in which President Hugo Chavez
is held by his fellow country men and women. The results represent a
clear cut mandate to steer the affairs of Venezuela for another term.
It is also a demonstration of the deep faith and confidence of the
Venezuelan people in President Hugo Chavez policies, dynamism,
role-model leadership and abilities to deliver on the pledges over the
next six years.

Kudos to the charismatic United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).
This victory, on one hand, reflects the greater acceptance of the
Bolivarian 21st century socialist project adopted by the
democratically-elected Government of President Hugo Chavez. On the
other hand, it is a day that will not be forgotten by the peace and
freedom-loving people of Venezuela, because they defeated the evil
axis of imperialism.
We, at the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship
and Solidarity are not surprised to see President Hugo Chavez given
the nod to carry on the Venezuelan people’s business. We commend the
Venezuelan National Electoral Commission, its personnel and the
nation’s security services for ensuring that the election was
peaceful, free and fair in keeping with President Hugo Chavez’s
commitment to continue strengthening democracy in Venezuela, Latin
America and the world through the establishment of a more credible,
honest and transparent electoral system. We urge President Hugo Chavez
to reciprocate by receiving the fresh mandate given to him by the
Venezuelan people as an endorsement of his outstanding performance in
his past two terms and an expression of the Venezuelan people’s desire
for a continuation of his focused, purposeful, dynamic and role-model
It is our belief in the Foundation that, transparent, honest, free,
fair and participatory election, as opposed to the US led
NATO/Al-Qaeda terrorism against the people of Libya, Iraq or Syria was
the only moral path to build peace and stability in the world.
The re-election is a positive measure for the global village as the
world shall continue to benefit from Dr. Chavez’s wise leadership as a
sovereign member-state of the United Nations. President Hugo Chavez
has since his election in 1999 been a man of peace and flamboyant
champion of freedom and dignity.

In spite of the misleading assertions by the colonial,
imperialist-driven foreign media-assertions such as “closest since
Hugo Chavez took power” or “the country’s most tightly contested
presidential election in a decade”, the people of Venezuela voted in a
system that no doubt proves the most reliable, transparent and
democratic process than anywhere in the world. It is time the western
media cease the opportunity the timing of the re-election of Dr.
Chavez has provided, to work with sober group of Venezuelans, all
driven by a unified vision for development and prosperity, through
peace, friendship and solidarity.

At the Hugo Chavez International Foundation, we assure the Venezuelan
leader our full support and solidarity, as well as our commitment to
improving the lives of people and communities.

Congratulating Venezuela once again, we wish President Hugo Chavez
good health, new achievements, victories, happiness and prosperity as
he continues to spearhead the vision for a New and dignified

God bless!!

In Solidarity,


International Executive Director