Debt Forgiveness or Death!

Debt Forgiveness Or Death!

By Lloyd Hart

These are the only two choices for the global elite as history does not lie. Every time through whatever devices or vices the oligarchs lead the charge to the levels of debt that now exist in the governments, local and national, in the middle and working classes, in banking and investment institutions and it becomes impossible to unwind the debt without impoverishing the majority of the populations in the respective communities, the choices of action become very stark and narrow and are quite literally Debt Forgiveness or Death.

People have already been dying just from the stress of losing their jobs, homes and respectively their health but if we look at the French Revolution we can find quite a few primers that are very similar to present day. The involvement in a very unpopular war, a total disregard for public opinion, the total disregard for the public’s welfare and a total disregard for the greater economy as a whole.

When the French King decided to back the slave owners revolt in the slave built economy in the British colonies that present day Americans like to call the American Revolution in the New World, they picked a fight with the nation that had the largest navy and mercantile fleet in the world. The British attacked every French vessel they saw including French merchant ships coming home to France laden with colonial booty and traded goods from around the world which eventually led to the collapse of a very sophisticated economy in France made up of the most literate working class, entrepreneurial shop keepers and craft guilds France had seen to date. It was this literate working class and entrepreneurial shop keepers and craft guild population that made the French Revolution happen.

Though the circumstances are not exactly the same as today’s but the general primers are. Drain the economy of cash, create a critical mass of wide spread poverty and voila, off with their heads. It is however, important too note that not all of France’s wealthy elite’s lost their heads. In fact, 40% of the nobles joined the revolt. Many others fled the country and those that did lose their heads had reasonably fair trials considering the circumstances. After all, France’s lawyers didn’t just vanish into thin air did they.

So today, we have a global conservative conspiracy to institute and maintain an austerity plan to once and for all establish an economy based in conservative ideals of sink or swim economics in place of the welfare state that Europe has established and that somewhat sloppy version that America slapped together. To accomplish this, the conservative austerity conspiracy run by Wall St., David Cameron and Angela Merkel etc., are quite happy with 50% youth unemployment and wide spread unemployment in all demographics in all western nations as wages over all will come down as a result and begin to harmonize with China and India and without the higher standard of living we in the west have become accustomed to, social services will be cut to the bone and eventually abolished completely and entirely recreating the era that Dickens wrote about repeatedly.

You see, conservatives and I might add modern liberals, do not like asking the “plebs” for permission to pollute or to set prices and wages in the economy or for that matter who they can go to war with and so they absolutely hate democracy and will do every thing to undermine it. The democratic distribution of a nation’s wealth is viewed as Marxist communism and therefore must be stamped out utterly and violently.

But the problem with the conservative/liberal austerity conspiracy is that the debt they are attempting to unravel is turning the entire global economy into a Global Weimar Republic where life is becoming really, really cheap. In the actual Weimar Republic all it took was a party with the ability to throw around some cash supplied to them by certain wealthy elites from America and England and they had the makings of a fanatical public that would do just about anything to keep that cash flowing. The targets of that well orchestrated violent convulsion was the Soviet Union, all European lefties, Jews and Gays as all European conservatives cheered. Today’s target of the conservative/liberal austerity conspiracy seems to be Islam or at least Islam where Muslims and rich deposits of coal, minerals and oil coincide.

The other problem with the conservative/liberal austerity conspiracy is that yes the debt is to large but the people can still remember quite clearly what the welfare state looked like before the conservative/liberal austerity conspiracy started instituting it’s plans. The other problem is that people are not so easily fooled and after the politicians used 911 to get the first part of the scam going, the lies that surfaced in that scam have left a very bad taste in the public’s mouth. Put very clearly, using economic disparity to get the public in line with the next war or wars by dangling cash in their impoverished faces simply won’t work. No, the mood of the plebs seems to me to be more in harmony with that of the French public that carried Louis to his death in the arms of Madame Guillotine. If you listen closely you can hear the sweet sound of Madame Guillotine now, singing in the distance and she seems to be getting closer and closer by the moment.

So, instead of death and I mean the deaths of the conservative and liberal wealthy elite’s, I propose across the board debt forgiveness. Return the people back to their homes that have been foreclosed on or a reasonable facsimile. Forgive all mortgages on all properties residential and commercial. Forgive all loans of any type. Forgive all credit card debt and invoices a 120 days overdue. Forgive all government debt, municipal, state/provincial and national debt. In doing so you will make the entire society equity rich which will make it possible for everyone to go back into borrowing and lending but of course everyone will have to given a AAA credit rating for the plan to work. Ah hell, let’s just abolish the credit rating agencies all together. The big losers in this scheme, the bond holders and the banks will then get access to interest free cash loans at the discount window at the federal reserve bank and the equivalent institutions in other nations. Oh, they already do.

With across the board debt forgiveness everyone gets to live and prosper and there’s no bloody mess to clean up. It just makes sense to me. I certainly don’t want to have kill anyone but the public absolutely knows who is to blame for the economic situation we are all in and are slowly losing their patience with having to continue to suffer and have tax payer paid for services cut while the very people that crashed the market in the first place get bonuses and get to party like there’s no tomorrow. All it will take is a small group somewhere starting the revolt with a little well placed violence and rich folks won’t be safe anywhere. So, what ya say kids debt forgiveness or death? It’s your choice!