By the People For the People With the People


From Jim Cortez, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Living in the poorest place in America, Prisoner of War Camp #322, or better known as the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, we have been made many promises by the US Government. None were kept. In the last 100 years only TWO U.S. Presidents have visited the reservation; Teddy Roosevelt and Bill Clinton. Barack Obama befriended many Tribes when he was running for office the first time, he made many promises, and has not kept many of those promises. None of them have.

We are not looking for hand-outs. We are not looking for band-aids. We are looking for self-sufficiency. We need jobs, economy, education and cultural preservation. We need someone who can speak not only FOR the people, but WITH the people. We need someone who understands who we are, who we were, and where we need to go. We need a Grandmother with wisdom, integrity, and ears to hear. We need a Grandmother who will keep her promises and walk her talk, with, by, and for the People.

That Grandmother is Roseanne Barr. Ms. Barr has helped many on this reservation. She does it all quietly and humbly. No “Hollywood Ego”, no ulterior motive, never asks for anything in return. She helps, she listens, and she understands. Her actions speak louder than her words. Her money does not talk, it walks.

Ms. Barr’s platform includes renegotiating all First Nations’s Treaties. It also discusses creating economies based on sustainable premises. She is a supporter of the Lakota Log Cabin Project, a project designed to bring jobs, homes, and heat to the reservations, by using the beetle kill trees up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, by logging, milling, and transporting them to the Reservation where they will be made into homes, heat, lumber, and more.

We need a President who thinks and acts for the People.
We need Roseanne Barr for President of the United States of America.