Support Lakota Log Cabin Project

As a Presidential Candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party of the United States of America, I am in support of the Lakota Log Cabin Project, which is providing employment, building industry and housing on the reservations of the Lakota. I encourage interested people to learn more about this worthwhile project and offer their support in whatever way they are able to.

I am aware of the Lakota Logging Project, which involves logging thousands of trees that have been devastated by the Mountain Pine Beetle in the Western United States. These trees are then milled and transported by Lakota workers to the Pine Ridge Indian reservation where they are then used as the primary building materials for new log cabins for families on the reservation in need. The project’s goals include building homes, industry and employment opportunities on the reservation as well as sharing the rich culture and traditions of the Lakota with non-native youth and communities.

I encourage you to contact representatives from the Lakota Logging Project ( or 720-412-3335) or The Buffalo Boy Foundation ( to receive more information or provide support.