Blocking and Breaking Down the HAARP

by Cathy Bilsky

I call to Michael the Archangel, Ganesha the remover of obstacles, all the cosmic beings and the Creator to cut all ties to all artificial plasma in the atmosphere that was HAARP/reptilian created, that creates a mirror. As we cut the ties to their masters, we call the violet flame thru all the cells, atoms, molecules, DNA of this plasma to clean it up, now we reconnect it all to the Creator filling it all up with Divine Love. We command it to be neutral and no longer function. See the plasma breaking up and neutralizing itself. Let it not be able to form any square or ring frequency patterns.

We place a mirror in front of this mirror to return all signals and frequencies back to the HAARP stations. As this is done we see all the HAARP equipment imploding on itself. All computers connected with the HAARP overloading with this energy that was sent back causing many overloads.

We also cut the ties to military buoys connected to the HAARP stations and their dark masters.

We command that all these buoys be contained in a circle of cement with a lead overlay to jam all frequencies, placing all these buoys in a position of harmlessness.

We command the goddess of truth to bring all knowledge up to the people that can put these HAARP facilities in a position of harmlessness.

As anyone enters these facilities we ask their higher selves let them become dyslexic and not be able to function.

Imagine all machines made out of any Tesla knowledge, that is being misused anywhere on the planet to change any weather pattern breaking down NOW. We call to Michael the Archangel to cut them free with sword pf blue flame, cleanse in violet ray, reconnect them to creator. Now we command them to be neutral and keep breaking down. Lets include all jets, planes & helicopters creating chem trails. See sky returning to natural weather patterns.

We call to the elemental kingdom for help…the rats, mice, red ants, spiders,snakes, centipedes, termites, wasps, bees, flies and any other small insects to go and reside in all the HAARP facilities, create nests in all their electrical equipment including all computers, hard drives, water pipes, floors, ceilings and all walls.

As these HAARP facilities break down we see everyone reconnect to the creator becoming awakened spiritual Divine happy beings And the earth recovering.

Never the less not our will but Thy will be done. SO BE IT!!!!