My Responses to Obama's Speech


Obama: (@26:49): “…We believe that we are endowed with inalienable rights that
NO Government, No Man can take away from us…”
Roseanne: “Really, Mr. President? It seems that you’ve granted yourself the
power through NDAA to detain an American citizen without due process, in fact
to assassinate with impunity an American citizen that you, personally, unilaterally
deem to be a threat to our national security. This is all “Thanks to” The National
Defense Authorization Act, and I use the phrase “Thanks to” with the sarcasm it
deserves. It’s dangerous policy, and it’s utterly unprecedented. It does not speak
well of you OR our Nation. A Government that is this frightened of its own
citizens and has so little respect for due process is one on the path to being a
Police State.
Obama @ (28:50): “…And we don’t believe in bailouts for banks that break the
Roseanne: We don’t believe in ” bailouts for banks that break the rules?” Mr.
President? Well, that’s exactly what we did, and under YOUR administration
not ONE of the dishonest executives of the investment banks and lending
institutions have ever been brought to justice. Isn’t it an embarrassment that
some of them are the biggest donors to your campaign? Is it wrong for us at least
SEE the dots, even if we don’t question your integrity by connecting them? We’ve
roughly man-handled and arrested thousands of citizens for petty charges related to
standing in the vicinity of Wall St. and peacefully protesting the crimes of those who
sent our Economy into a tailspin with their illegal dealings. But, again – we haven’t
indicted a single perpetrator of those crimes during your four years in office. I call
that shameful, Sir, and I was one of your supporters.