Lysa Says August 24, 2012

Lysa says:
August 24, 2012 at 8:58 am

It would be just great if people did a little bit of research before whipping themselves into an ignorant frenzy over something that doesn’t, in ANY WAY, resemble the facts or the truth. There are enough problems with the Obama Administration’s policies – like the NDAA, for example, which really IS a bad thing for all of us, citizens and non-citizens alike.

But you don’t care about that. All you care about is an imaginary free ride being given to a bunch of non-white kids that “don’t belong here” by another non-white guy you’ve been told to fear. Guess what… this “free education” FOX News keeps telling you the evil President Obama plans to give to every brown kid smuggled across the border in the middle of the night in his mother’s womb – IT DOESN’T EXIST.

Get the facts:

PLEASE, stop spouting ignorant, inaccurate and purposefully misleading talking points designed to manipulate you into voting against your own best interests.

DREAMers do NOT get a free education. In fact, in most states (if not all) those students not only have to PAY TUITION like every other student attending that college, but he/she pays OUT-OF-STATE tuition even if they have always resided in that state. Out-of-state tuition is often 50%-100% higher than in-state tuition. So, to answer your question… no, it is NOT okay “to give those kids free education while [your] AMERICAN kids have horrendous loans to pay”. That’s not what is happening. That’s not what has ever been suggested should happen. And that’s not going to happen.

So, Sue… please, don’t let the lies distract you from the real issues. Your “American” kids will be saddled with no more student loan debt than these “illegals” you refer to and for whom you appear to have such contempt. I think it is important to point out that WE ARE ALL “illegals”. We were all brought by or born to immigrants. How many years had to pass once our ancestors landed here, slaughtered the indigenous people and stole their land before we became the ones who “belong here”?

At the very least, recognize that modern illegal immigrants don’t come here to systematically annihilate the existing population, steal our land & destroy our natural resources for profit. Which, if you care anything about the facts of history, is exactly how this nation came to be. We consider this nation “ours” because those who came before us stole it and murdered anyone who tried to stop them, not because we have any natural right to inhabit it. But I digress…

There are powers that be in this country whose sole purpose is to use fear to keep you focused on ginned up threats posed by brown people who “don’t belong here”. They do it to keep you from recognizing the real threat that the overwhelmingly high concentration of wealth at the very top poses to us all – black, white and brown. They have to keep us focused on why we should fear & hate each other so we never turn our attention and anger toward those who deserve it – the select few ultra-wealthy puppet masters the system is rigged to favor.

I hope in the future you will do the research & find out the facts before allowing yourself to be whipped into an angry frenzy by malicious lies purposefully created to prey on fear & ignorance.