Becoming an Engaged Citizen: Roseanne Barr’s First Public Campaign Appearance This Friday!

Posted on March 19, 2012 at 12:09 am


Comedian-turned-presidential-candidate Roseanne Barr, whose name will appear on the California Primary Ballot as a Green Party candidate for President of the United States, will be appearing at a “Rally in the Valley” for local Greens and LA-area Green Party congressional candidates, Michael Powleson, David Steinman, and Anthony Vierya.

The Green Party’s ‘Rally in the Valley’ known as, “Behold, the Greening of America!,” will take place on Friday, March 23rd at 7pm at the Mayflower Club, located at 11110 Victory Blvd. (just west of Vineland) in North Hollywood.

Former congressional candidate, and well-known progressive, Marcy Winograd, will be a guest speaker, with Roseanne appearing as the keynote speaker for the event.

Winograd, famously challenged former Congresswoman, Jane Harman, for her seat in Congress as an anti-war progressive Democrat, but switched from the Democratic Party to the Green Party earlier this year.  She will be speaking about why she switched political parties at the event.

Roseanne Barr has been making media appearances, and speaking to Green Party General Assemblies nationwide with her populist message of economic justice and fair play for all Americans.  Roseanne has also been calling out cronyism and corruption in our political system by demanding accountability for those Wall Street criminals responsible for massive mortgage fraud, and an end to “corporate personhood” as defined by the Supreme Court.

Her speeches before the Green Party thus far have been warmly received, and her involvement in the presidential race has brought much-needed attention to the independent party, known for its environmentalism, refusal to accept corporate donations, and grassroots funding.

Other guest speakers for the rally include, Michael Powelson, a history professor from Valley College, running against Howard Berman (D) & Brad Sherman (D) in the 30th district, David Steinman, an author, publisher and consumer advocate, running against Henry Waxman (D) in the 33rd congressional district, and Anthony Vieyra, a financial analyst, running against Joe Baca (D) in the 35th congressional district.

The rally, hosted by San Fernando Valley Greens’ Events Coordinator, Michael McCue, will benefit the group’s 2012 Voter Registration Drive and assist them in sending their delegate to the statewide General Assembly in San Francisco this May, as well as the Green Party’s National Convention in Baltimore this July, where the Greens will determine their nominee for the presidential race in November.

Everyone is encouraged to attend and learn about the Green Party at the Rally.  You need not be a Green Party-registered voter to attend as the rally is open to all voters…. from progressives to conservatives…and voters of all political stripes are welcome!

The rally admission is $20, with free parking and a cash bar.

Call 818-912-4017 or email to to RSVP for the event as seating is limited.