Subject: URGENT: Call NOW to veto NDAA
Importance: High


Call NOW and demand that NDAA be vetoed


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White House

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Democracy Now interview TODAY with Chris Anders explains status of NDAA. It’s not too late. CALL NOW.

The House is expected to vote today on a massive $662 billion defense bill that could usher in a radical expansion of indefinite detention under the U.S. government. A provision in the National Defense Authorization Act would authorize the military to jail anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world without charge or trial. The measure would effectively extend the definition of what is considered the U.S. military’s battlefield to anywhere in the world, even the United States. The White House has issued a veto threat with backing from top officials, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. But lawmakers are hoping several last-minute revisions will address the concerns and eliminate the veto threat, but critics warn the bill poses a major threat to basic constitutional rights. We speak to Chris Anders, the senior legislative counsel in the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington Legislative Office. “This is putting people in prison, potentially for the rest of their lives, based on nothing more than suspicion,” Anders warns.