i know that i am making a difference for the 99%:

Hi Jake, 
My name is Amy Phillips I  just spoke with you. My nephew’s name was Anthony “Justice” Colin. Your mom had him on her show in it was either 2005 or 2006 he was 15 when Mathew Shepard was killed for being gay. My nephew in honor of Mathew Shepard wanted to start a G.S.A. Club on campus at El Modena High School to educate people being gay was not a choice and not contagious. He sued the Orange Unified School District took it all the way to Supreme Court and WON!!! I believe your mom met Anthony at the G.L.A.A.D. Awards and from I was told they hit it off. I really need to talk to her if you would give her my email address or phone number I would really appreciate it.
FROM ME: I AM TRYING TO EMPOWER AMERICANS TO USE THE POWER OF THEIR VOICES TO REVERSE THE DAMAGE DONE BY BOTH PARTIES OF LOBBYISTS AND TAX DODGERS!  This story is a personal success for me, and for a justice fighter who slew a giant with a slingshot and a rock! 
congrats to the generation of kids that learned a thing or two from Ms. Roseanne Conner. (my show).
I DEMAND THAT ALL GAYS AND LESBIANS IN THIS COUNTRY AND IN OUR ARMED FORCES WHO APPRECIATED MY SHOW TO HELP ME BUILD A THIRD PARTY TO SAVE AMERICA! I am pro small business, free trade markets, organic family farming, and would end all subsidies to those who are poisoning the web of life, which is the most important thing to me, and to all the world’s grandmothers, and all tribes of women on this earth, and for its daughters and its sons. We are common sense people, not religious fanatics.  We are for a synthesis between left and right-we are the middle, we are the female demographic and we are pro small business. We are for Peace and Justice between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine. Each believes the other to be illegitimate, and that is why the Voice of Common Sense must be applied. I propose that Israel pay it’s workforce, which is largely Palestinian – a decent wage and use the Haliburton building funds to build a beautiful city for the Palest. to live in-this way Israel will lose no money! We will put the PAL back into Palestinian. The USA will have more say in the region, and for Americans, that is good. I suggest applying this type of thought to the problem–and factor its ramifications into the  grand equation.  We cannot let it stand that corps are equal to people. Corporations do not have PMS-and thus that treatise was never really proper in my estimation.