Citizens of america: prayer by cathy bilsky:

TO the Pope (black and white) and the Hierarchy of
the Roman Catholic Church

YOU’RE FIRED!!!!    By Cathy Bilsky

This is to the black & white Pope, The Jesuits,
Opus Dei, all organizations that work with you, and who support you all the way
down to the lay person. God the Creator is putting you on notice that
all your works are now going to crumble and dissolve to dust. You do not own
anything on this planet..NOTHING!  We release, cancel clear and dissolve
all from your black magic that you have woven with Satan to keep this planet and all
life forms in slavery.

We call to Michael the Arch angel to take his sword
of blue flame and cut ties to all your magic including all skins it is written
on no matter where you keep it hidden. Nothing can hide from God so be very afraid.  As ties to all your black magic is cut from you
and pacts you made with Satan, We call the violet flame to clean up all your
dark energy, we then send the Angelite energy to heal it, fill it up with
the Creators Divine love.  We COMMAND the skins and parchments to
now be neutral only emitting love. I call upon the fire elemental to blaze and
burn in all your vaults and everywhere you keep these skins & parchments of
magic. Let the flame do the final cleansing. I now see all your vaults in flame
and burning till all skins and parchments are in ashes. All trusts are hereby
dissolved though the sacred trust that God has with humans to set us free.

We cut all black magic satanic ties and binds you
have placed on all life forms, souls, the planet earth going back to the time
of Pope Boniface and any Papal Bulls he created, cutting ties to an express
trust called Unim Sanctum that claims the Pope owns all souls. The ties and
binds to this energy and all souls are now cut free from your bondage. You own
no one. The people of this planet all have their very own direct link to God
the Creator thus in charge of all dominium on the planet. You do not own the
world , humans, nor any souls on this planet or anywhere. We can manage our own
sacred trusts with the Creator ourselves. You’re FIRED! We now reconnect
all these souls to the Creator helping them become awakened conscious spiritual

We cut the ties to all of Pope Nichols V’s (1453) trusts which he set up claiming all real-estate as his then binding that in ‘magic’. We again cut the ties with this “trust”, call the violet flame to clean
it up; the Angelite energy to heal then we reconnect it to God. Now we Command
it to be neutral to only emit love. We call forth the fire elemental to burn
this magic and all it is written on to ashes. This trust is hereby dissolved by
the light of God the Creator and everything that is Holy .

We cut all ties to Pope VI and the trust that makes
people slaves. We again cut the ties to this magic and the bonding of it with
Satanic Ritual. We call the violet flame thought it to clean up the energy, Angelite to
heal it, then we reconnect it to the Creator, COMMANDING it to be neutral. We
again call to the fire elemental to blaze though this ‘magic’ till it’s cleansed
by fire to ashes and dust. I see the storage vaults in physical flame NOW. We
now see all veils and overlays over all souls being removed, allowing everyone
to reconnect to their higher selves becoming awakened spiritual beings fully
aware of their Divine missions and purposes.

We cut all ties with the trust called Cestui Que
Vie claiming all souls to Satan and the Catholic Church. As these ties are cut
we call the violet flame to clean it up the Angelite energy to heal, fill it up
with the Creators love, now we COMMAND it to be neutral..To only emit love. I
call the fire elemental to burn the skin it’s written on till in ashes. See all
souls being set free again becoming awakened spiritual beings

We cut all ties and magical contracts the Roman
Vatican church-Empire had with Hitler, all concordats are now dissolved by the
violet flame, healed in Angelite and reconnected to the Creator now becoming
neutral or only emitting love. The energy of the 1
st thru the 4th Reich is now

We call to the higher selves of all popes
(black and white) past, present, future, all Nazi’s, Jesuits, opius dei and all fraternal organizations connected to the Roman catholic church to step
forward in the light of God and renounce Satan, all lies , deceptions and wars
you create. If you choose not to, which is your free will, I call to your
Higher Self and Guardian Angel to put you all in positions of harmlessness
. We remove all veils, overlays you have placed on each other, cut the
oaths you have taken together binding you to each other..Now removed!

For those who chose to stay with Satan..again your
free will, We place you all in a bubble of mirror, the mirror facing you
so any dark energy you try and send out will stay contained, we add the violet
flame to cleanse this energy so it does not gain any strength. This bubble of
mirror will stay up 24/7, 365 days a year from here through eternity. It will
dissolve when you choose to work in the light of the Creator and not Satan.
Until then this bubble keeps you powerless.

Let all veils and overlays of magical protection be
removed as the Goddess of Truth brings everything that you are trying to hide
up to the surface, in a way where the masses see it and are given the Divine
inspiration on how to correct what you have done.  The Goddess of Justice
is after you now.

I call for your karmic return for all your works,
which shall be amplified 100,000 fold. I step aside as it’s returned to you

As Your magic is dissolved and neutralized all life
forms can now reconnect to the Creator becoming awakened enlightened joyful
beings Quantum leaping us into the Golden Age of Divine Enlightenment.