racism is the shame of this nation. we are allowed to discuss that though.

What we are never allowed to discuss at all, though is the unabashed hatred that is spewed from the cells of Christianity’s Crusades and Islam’s Holy Wars, toward my family, who are ‘The Jews’.  I am sick and I am deathly tired of the endless messages of INSANE HATRED that the two of you Holy Nations direct at me, and at the members of my Tribe.  You all have stolen Jerusalem too many times and you certainly will not be stealing it again, if I have one thing to do with it!  Bibi Netanyahu does not see the Talibangelical Trick that was pulled on him by those he considers to be “Zionists”. Hand over the reigns of power to me immediately Bibi Netanyahu!  Allow me to defy both yourself and your right wing Christian compatriots, as well as the Lefty Obama and do what needs to be done in the middle east.

   #myfamilynameisDavidjerusalemismine  Elect me Prime Minister of Israel and President of the United States of America-these two countries are one country and everybody knows it. I will fix both-its a two-fer-