you are right and I am wrong, big fharma:

these zolifts are working real nice with the abilify.  i hope that won’t counteract my newly acquired lotion-that makes your material girl tingle. Madonna must be on that shit2 its gross2 have sex with youth in their early 20’s !  There I said it! I will admit that I am incredibly jealous of Madonna. Her ego grew so big that she refused to see things my way at the Kabballah Center, where I was making my move on dominating the minds of all the women chevre who work there. I knew that was a good thing to do on behalf of unpaid labor within religions. women do all the work and do it for free in order to prop up huge pyramids. I can’t let it go, I have ocd towards it on every level of my being. I do not want to go to hell and remain there burning for all of eternity in a big lake of fire. I will never move to arizona for that reason.

  I know that those women who work at the center are some of the best women I would ever want to meet-they have hearts of gold, and do good things every day.  I hope the study of kabballah will go on and on, because it is quite a good method of meditation: taking each thought to its nano, its essence. words are all we have. they are more important than guns. the essence of a word is to communicate divine thoughts to other beings. 
  I know that the harnessed power of a generation of women who desire a better world for all within it is being born, and I am so hopeful. Light is strongest at the darkest point, the singularity.