i saw thru a wall today! freaky!

depression is entertaining in some ways. Remote viewing it’s called.  I hear stuff too! ever since I got my teeth filed down to points and then covered in porcelain!  this science shit works!  precious metals in certain combinations are indeed alchemy itself-Binat is the realm of the old jewish lady lefty writer of darpa program that contains the seed of darpa’sdemise. (Satan is a pedopriestpirateserialmassmurderer.  No doubt that He is Real.) I know that Satan cannot fathom the effect of my saliva burning thru his eyeballs-when I scream in His Face: we will not be moved, we the atomic principal behind the mathematical equation that proves the power of the evil eye of old unemployed bitter grandmothers, some of whom are also gentile! 

   We know the score and the jig is motherfuckin up, you schmeckle– bye bye pirate pedo priest! #babylonfalls #OHOH!rapturethismotherfucker! #nomoresatanistsincontrolofweather! LOL! #callmecrazy!! grandmothers with degrees who work in the library systems of this country: I know the work you do and I will represent your interests-you pay lots of taxes and your services are being cut. Why is that? Let us know your stories. I know its hard for you right now, because its hard for me too. Like Cynthia Mckinney has written: we can nationalize the fed. America’snewestfreemarketidea: biophilics=big business, and they help the planet.You’re welcome!
  note to world: I have developed a new species of bee queen! um hmmm- the big african queen can save the bees, and crops that are heirloom.  #TakethatMonsatan! #grannydontplayatshit