fight the power:

begin to give away what you have accrued.  give it to the poor-and those around you.  once a year the rich can gift for no taxes.  Still most do not do so.  why is that? answer: because the rich are terrified to join the ranks of the poor. I know that I can stand at wall street all day for the rest of my life protesting disaster capitalism (the opposite of free markets).  I have just resigned myself instead to the idea that capitalism (the purest hope for humanity’s soul) has been murdered by Satan, and His hordes.  I have tried to decode for the american people (the world, Jewry) that there is a way to make profit and to share it for the good of humanity, in a way which requires no slavery at all, nor war.  I think i am ahead of my time again and cant be heard properly, so I will now vacate the space.