9-11 firefighters for truth:

Arrest Cheney:
  The Saudis who flew the planes into the towers were trained by US teachers in the US-they never asked their US teachers (who were like most Americans-just doing their jobs so they could get home to watch American Idol and other inane fare) how to LAND a plane, just to fly it. RED FLAGS IGNORED TOTALLY, AS IS USUAL FOR AMERICANS-drugged out of their minds to be “positive thinkers” (ignore reality).
  Why did it happen?  Because Muslim extremists wanted to strike at the heart of Rogue Capitalism–housed in the WTC, and they did–and they toppled it too–that is why it is melting down in Greece and in Europe and in the US.  (keep watching Kim Kard Ass Shun and saying you are not political, good Germans!). Why did we ALLOW them to do this to our country, and why did we collude with the Saudi government to destroy our own country?
Because 2 trillion dollars were missing from our treasury and the records of that, as well as the records of Enron were housed in bld 7.
  Cheney pulled it- and the building was demolished-it had been wired before 911–so that House of Bush and Cheney’s Haliburton could use and hide behind the horror to erase their financial crimes-ie-that they used taxpayer money to build Dubai-the international center of the Child Sex Slave Trade. there you have it.  Pedos at the top=Satan.
  Many of the 3000 who died were not Americans–the planes that were flown into the buildings and PA and the Pentagon were full of innocent Americans too.