tonight: korah-affecting the physical world with Tevel

consciousness–search these words here to understand more deeply.  tevel is seven-the world of the righteous soul.  tonight at sundown will begin 24 hours when the SATAN (monsatan) who is the negative force (NECH-TECH…[necrophiliacistic technological LEMMING mind] cannot touch us in any way–he does not exist today no matter what the most evil ones tell you.  He is vacated space in Tevel, which is 7.  Remember the sabbath day and keep it HOLY.)

  we will expand tevel tonight-telepathically–we are exchanging the 100th monkey thought-seed tonight.  When it is received, things accelerate.  Do not do this if you do not want to accelerate your karma.  It is scarey to do so,  but if you are brave and repent fully, by Rosh Hashannah, then the new world can begin.  It will be sweet in a hurry too, if you make it through that Dark (K)Night of the soul.  if you are lost in darkness now, know that you can re connect to Light tonight.  Light does Burn the eyes of those who have been in darkness for too long, so, scan the zohar pages first–
I posted them under this entry–scan r to l.  take no action in the world until you hear from me.  I will let you know what is coming. 
  This is our task-connection.  have you built your vessel to contain the message?
message:  Any who serve Evil will have their plastic hearts affected tonight–removing time and space from thought and focusing that thought on plastic will have many advantages for the innocent children of this world tonight.  The great by-product of containing that thought even for a count of ten seconds, will still the winds and calm the waters of our Great Mother, the earth, and her womb, which is the Cosmos. Plastic, according to physics is the most maleable form of matter to human thought.  This is a reality -read it in a physics magazine, an accredited one–we can stop and re start the hearts of the evil ones tonight.  (most have plastic hearts or joints)  Make sure that you ask your higher mind to contact their higher mind and instuct their higher mind (and yours too of course) to remove themselves from positions that enable them to cause any harm tonight. 
    Tell them that they must place themselves in a position of being neutral, rather than being good.  bad people can never turn good-it takes too long, but they can let their laziness work for them, by helping us.  They help us when they just do NOTHING… if you are a pedo satanist, pirate or priest or rabbi iman billionaire warmongerer child murdering money worshipping person, i can help you get back to  G0D tonight.  I command that you do nothing at all, rest you deserve a night off!  , which will further help us to bring Messiach tonight.  jewess we can!
   Baruch Hashem may the storm pass with no damage or death.  Baruch Hashem
    vote for me israel, I am House of David.  Jerusalem is our City too! (we kibbutznick non bankers).