for those who are against medical marijuana:

You are making a terrible mistake in your thinking.  Marijuana is good medication.  I am not speaking of recreational use, as a matter of fact I say we outlaw alcohol while we are at it!  Let’s just give bankers everything we own right now and give up our freedoms too–they only upset the ruling classes after all.  You are helping America lock up your own kids by opposing marijuana and that is not a G0Dly way to go!  where’s the freedom? is this a talibangelist fascist puppet state now? I will run and I will end the wars fix the economy and save homes as well as legalize and forgive student loans.  I will do everything in the first one hundred days.  I will use what Heir Bush left me, and I will kick out the Fed, save the dollar, our economy, and bring peace to the entire planet.  how?  with my nuts and the knowledge of water that my people, the Jews know everything about.  I will make not green economies, but water economies.  I do not wish to live under Chinese Rule!!