GLENN BECK: Hashem, the G0D of the Jews disagrees with YOU!

He tells me that Israel will soon be back in the hands of those who died and fought for and built her with their own two hands:THE SOCIALIST JEWS– what is it that needs to be done?  To follow the money, and then re-apportion it. the end. 

  the socialists (those who made the desert bloom as the rose)know everything about water,- the middle east needs those water bearers. I pray that these words reach the right people and they know that peace is possible in the middle east right now, and I know how to bring it. I would simply do what needs to be done and do it in such an efficient manner, that money is saved and not one person will need to die.  Vote for me, Israel.  I am House of David.  Jerusalem once belonged to my family, and I claim it now in their names.  David is the King of Israel.  David’s meditation, the Merkoba meditation is what we do here on friday nights together.  we are removing time and space.  we are hastening the unification of the divided soul. we are bringing the age of problem solving.  We are now fully controlling the message.  we are the meek, those who desire peace, those who fought first in Tunisia! we are the daughters of Abraham Sarah and Hagar.