here's how i will cut the deficit:

I will cancel it out.  I would have that power as President, under the Patriot Act.  I would use my power as President to declare that America’s future was at stake, and far more threatened at home than anywhere else on earth.  I would bring home all the troops and put them to work here at home in the food production industries. I would tax the richest corporation the exact amount that I myself pay right now–48%.  That is my tax debt.  Bill Gates pays less than nothing and that pisses me off. If he can’t shoulder his share of keeping the roads fixed and pay for the police protection that he enjoys, nor the safe neighborhoods that wealth affords, then he should not be allowed to live in this country, nor to take any of its wealth away with him in a move.  As I said on Larry King eight years ago, when I first announced that I was running for President, I will impose a maximum wage of 100 million dollars on each rich person who claims to be an American.  Anyone who cannot live on that much money is not a decent human being, and any who have that kind of money are paying nothing– they are making the taxpayer pay for the honor of kissing their rich f*cking asses.  Class war is what is happening, not a “deficit”.  Wake up! I will get the taxpayer’s stolen money back!  I know how!  So does every single decent and moral economist on earth–let them do it!   

free markets means slavery!
there is nothing free about money!
freedom of females is what keeps america on top.  hip up to that fact, people!