shabbat thoughts:

I will have perfect faith in the decency of my fellow human beings.  I will rebuke all vampires and ghouls within and without my sphere.  I AM.

getting ready for sundown.. as the light begins to fade on a week gone forever, I have to digest that which my brain recorded all week–and get rid of the negative parts and hold fast to the positive.  Positives definitely outweighed negatives this week, and that means I had a wonderful week.  If I got too depressed or negative or felt too tri-polar (as johnny calls it)–I just stopped and breathed in for ten counts, held for ten more and exhaled out to a ten count.  It is so amazing how this little gem meditation changes the entire scope of the universe, and my POV seems fresh, and again I feel fearless. 
  At sundown tonight, I will begin a period of twenty four hours of peace—there will be NO separation between me and my Higher Self, (Hashem), there will be no fragmentation in my mind/s and there will be no separatism between myself, and all other Human Beings.  I will become one with all human beings (Eloheim) and leave my ghetto of fear implanted in my mind, an engram.  I will again behave as if no devil no satan no hitler no separatist ponzi pedo priest has any sway over anything I think do or say.  I am free and I am protected under the Mythical Wings of the Dove who Descends upon humanity this eve. 
   Welcome Sabbath Bride!  lecha dodi likrat kala pnai shabbat ne kabballah.  Le cha dodi means tonight our souls will be free to leave our bodies and all that is finite.  we are transcending human suffering and limitation tonight.  breathe in through your nostrils and let the air fill your sinuses and ears nose and throat.  then your lungs–when the breath gets into the lungs,hold it and  disperse it to all cells and regenerate them.  the breaths you take are counted and Holy–use them in service to the web of life…hold them in the lungs disperse and then exhale the breath out into the world where it can nourish Trees, which are Asherah’s-the Hebrew Goddess of the Groves.
  She is Unity and Sythesis.  She is Integration of Systems.  She is the Human Mind re weaving DNA.  holy holy holy.
shabbat shalom!