A Queen beats five kings

the five kings of the supreme court have sold our country to the world’s highest bidder ala their king god ronald reagan, the ultimate traitor of the helpless and poor, the widow and orphan, and Jesus Christ.  Any fucking nazi can come in here now and become the president of the usa.  Obama is a slave to these five kings.  The Presidency has no power next to theirs.  Slaves, rise up.  Rise up and refuse to vote dem or rep.  Elect me, I offer the idea of Parliamentary Government–in a bloodless revolution that restores America’s true roots–a constitutional Monarchy ruled by Parliament.  VOTE FOR ME: AMERICA’S GREEN TEA PARTY!

 ADVANTAGES OF PARLIAMENTARY RULE…the advantage is that when the government is broken, as this one is now, the people can vote in a new government, instead of having to settle for the other party, which is exactly the same.  labor against bankers, that is all there is to it, really.  remember this, americans, you can remove all of your money from banks today and instead invest it in local credit unions.  Grandmothers need to begin to organize more community credit unions, where a panel of grandmothers oversees its daily affairs.  Any thieving or lobbying for pork will be punished by arrest, trial, and if found guilty in a proper court of law, beheading in the Holy Guillotines.  BARR/GOD 2012!  vote for me!  I will deliver Justice to The People of This Country, coast to coast, border to border, from Mexico to Canada!  (note to lawyers psychs and ‘journalists’ this is satire!).