as prime minister of the USA

I will recognize the fact that our country’s security and standing in the world, as “integration of markets” continues to resettle everything–depends on the implementation of single payer health care.  Without it, we cannot survive as a world power.  The insurance companies are the traitors who are preventing our country’s economic rise and success.  I will rid this country of lobbyists, insurance corporations (protection rackets) and imprison all of them under the provisions of RICO–and I encourage Obama to really read RICO and the Patriot Act and take action against enemies foreign and domestic!

  I will tie peace in Israel-Palestine into the struggle for single payer, as they are indeed connected.  For instance, Joe Lieberman, who is an Aipac lobbyist holds ‘dual citizenship’ in that he is also an insurance lobbyist.  Check out the facts if you do not believe me.