it's always painful to collaborate:

I am so lucky to have had a lot of young people on my crew who had seen my other show as young kids. It was fun to create a new kind of persona for tv.  Nothing i ever do again will beat the Roseanne Connor.  she was rad.  but, i think i do get off some damn good lines on this new show.  I love to write and tell jokes on tv.  Its fun and rad and a constant challenge to think up stuff to pretend to do.  I actually have completed a reality show, sixteen eps.  Never thought I could venture down those dark and dank dungeon walls again, where one repitilian after another escorts you somewhere to sit and wait for the head sociopath in the highest of heels to again belittle and outsmart you, the puny artist who makes all the trouble for them, as they steal all the ideas god gave you and pay you little or nothing for them.  satanic show biz is the den of iniquity, and I, ego addict Daniel, the original drama queen, have been sent to live in the lion’s den.  Ganja smokes my way through it–ganja protects me from white man voodoo mind control.  No this world cannot be left untouched.  I like david, the king of israel will build the new temple in jerusalem.  It will be built by the local people and they will be paid fairly for their minerals oil and resources. No more men are to be put into charge of anything, but instead, a tribunal of grandmothers will decide where the money is needed and how fast the food can be gotten to the hungry.  the grandmothers will each answer to their own children and grandchildren, the drones and the workers–the grandmothers are the queen bees of this world and they are here to save us.  they have been sent here now to save us.  listen to my words.  they are here–the christa! christ mind dawns today, buddha mind.  El Shaddai.  the people of israel are being set up for annihalation by their own leaders.  after the war that is coming, peace will be on this earth for one thousand dead years.  this year we have an opening to us–to choose finally, and to stop going back and forth and considering what is right and what is wrong?  death penalty? yes or no?  abortion? yes or no?  elections? r or d?  stop now and act.  vote for me.  I will put a stop to all this bullshit and I know how!  I will begin to clean the floors of this government, from the filthiest corner to the most compromised hall of justice.  I will bring the Light with me.  I will allow it to fill the world so that the citizens of every nation can see for themselves what a terrible terrible thing is being done to people all over this world by the stock markets, by unregulated capitalism, which is now eating its own tail like the lemming that it is–but wait, out of mercy, I have devised a very quick way out of debt for America, and for Americans, all–the melting pot itself.  Into that pot I will place organic farming and all that it delivers. America was once the bread basket of the world and it can be again.  all we have to do is make a slight paradigm switch–we need to care for our fellow man and our evironment–even the sociopathic personalities that invest can pretend that this matters to them and thereby they can enrich themselves beyond measure, but only to a point–a one hundred million dollar maximum wage will be instituted under my presidency, and that, my honored american brothers and sisters–that alone will fix every other problem we have right now here and in the world.  vote for me I am not a bullshitter or a degenerate sex offender!  I am the lesser of all the evils!  barr 2012!!  Baruch Hashem!!  Tree of Life is Hemp!  tree of life is a living tree!  

we know and we understand almighty god is a living man!
you can fool some of the people sometimes but
you can’t fool all the people all the time
so now you see the lIght?
stand up for your right!–god bob m.