anger is honesty–

Being completely honest and be able to hear people be completely honest back to you is the scariest thing and the most painful way to live, sometimes.  It seems you are more creative when you lose your self illusions though–

if you can take a deep breath and hold it and then blow it out, you can really change your life.  counting to ten really is a great pattern interuptus against Satanic mind control.  when you feel passionate about something, count to ten three times.  the first time you count to ten, open the crown of your head to universal truth and breathe in as you count.
hold the breathe while you again repeat counting to ten, and think about being a container or vessel for universal truth–and disperse the energy of truth to each of your cells as you hold your breath.
Exhale while counting to ten again, and allow the unused energy to exit through your mouth nose and anus, four holes of the androgenous body. 
You have now completed the first full circuit of mind body spirit…which is called Malchut.
if the passion has cooled, do nothing. If it has not cooled, repeat the process.  rinse and repeat until the passion is gone–after the passion has cooled, solutions will make themselves known to you.
  this was last night’s meditation.  I drove from my home to kona and back in my red jeep while breathing and cooling down.  today the solution, which is honesty (inner peace) appeared to me.