Kathleen Wells is my protege–

I want to produce her in radio and television or whatever i can do to help her be heard.  She could become the first african american woman president of the usa…although I’m sure that she would agree that Cynthia Mckinney is the person who could do that right now.  Listen, it’s time to say goodbye to Patriarchy.  It has now destroyed everything of worth on earth, and because it cannot stop killing–it’s now thankfully killing itself. There is nothing we can do to stop that from happening.  the dice has been cast and humanity lost.  Satan was crowned the King of this realm.  he is a serial killer and stalker rapist master of War. He is the new Goliath, (sphinx with the face of ayn rand)– but– as in the Torah -story of my tribe’s folklore and myth–a poet named David once slew an unbeatable giant with a rock and a slingshot. 

   This Torah story teaches us that the pen is mightier than is the sword.  My family name is David–I am of the house and tribe of David, the King of Israel.  Jerusalem is his city and he accompanied me there during my visit in 1999.  To be able to discuss the Torah with David himself, with the Baal Shem Tov, with Deborah and Rachel is a great joy that meditation has allowed me.  In the highest part of the ascension to the throne meditation, all of time and space disappear and only joy and love exist.  It is very much a renewing feeling to reach the peace of mind place.  Last night I heard the still small voice inside–it said–there are people who are working hard to get you on the ballot, or else you will change your name to none of the above, if you are put on the ballot i will run to the best of my ability for president of the united states.  If elected I will indeed serve my G-d, which is a loving and peaceful grandmother who has chosen me as mouthpiece.  I will serve this planet and every living being on it–animal veg or human.  I will outlaw war and build schools so that the children of the american people will be the best educated youth in the world, and will therefore be trained for the worldwide job market, instead of raised to become only jailers and paid war cogs.  
   I promise to oppose Satan, which is Patriarchy, to my last dying breath–I promise that I will never stop speaking truth to power—-I promise to institute THE ROSEANNEARCHY—the religion of common sense and solutions!  
   2011 is the year of Mashiach! 
Barrv.v. Satan-2012– You will have to choose between satan and me.  choose the lesser of two evils! All i want to do is be able to debate those candidates who are running in both parties–and ask them why they are screwing over the taxpaying citizens of this country!  I will love doing it for all of you!