God is:

the will of the people united.  (this idea came to me in a dream–I saw Infinite Living Mind, spiralling upward in r n a patterns inside the dna of the cell.  i saw that things can change in an instant, inside all of us).  this friday night, tonight–hawaiian time–I will be changing the Infinite Mind of The All by ridding myself of all Satanic messages of hatred and separatism and helplessness that have stuck to me without my consent this week.  I will be unifying the female and male halves of my soul tonight.  they will b gettin it on big time.  I am my soulmates.  they are me.  We are we, a group of like minded meditators.  we join with millions of others across the globe.  to those soul mates meditating in China!  HI!  To those soul mates driving cars in Saudi Arabia–WOMEN WE SEE YOU!  WE SEND OUR SUPPORT TO YOU!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICES AND YOUR HEART AND COURAGE!  KEEP LIFTING UP THAT 53% of HUMANITY!  KEEP TELLING MEN TO JOIN WITH US, AND TO LEAVE RAPE CULTURE!  come on guys–you can do it too!  Share your money with the women who do all of your work for you!  it won’t kill you! It will help keep you from going to hell and burning there for all of eternity!  trust me!  You do not want to go to hell and burn for all of eternity–that is no fun at all.  Satan licks his chops.  die satan, fall babylon!

  kabballah teaches that it is the woman’s purpose to force men to change and become less egocentric, and more caring and communal. It is like a living hell to them to have to do so at first.  That is because they are terrified of being forced to give up their porn, and their desire to chronically masturbate and yank their weiners.  They must relieve their weiners every few minutes or they will strike out at someone.  the sad sad truth.  (women are no better).