letter from a writer/blogger here:

Here are some things I remember from the tv show Roseanne: 1) You went after insurance companies and people who rip off the elderly. The episode where Bev moved into that condo that was reclaimed by the company upon her death. 2) You showed, with Dan’s motorcycle shop and the Lunch Box that it is almost impossible for small business owners to survive without corporate backing. 3) I remember the episode when David went to work for that horrible amusement park that was obviously supposed to be Disney, and how completely evil this company was. I also admired the way you changed the identity of this company just enough to avoid any legal problems. I learned a lot of life lessons from your show by the time I was 14. It seems to me that you were sending out a lot of messages that the status quo did not want the public to receive. I would not be too hard on yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past, Roseanne. You’ve obviously learned from them. I think you’ve contributed more good than bad to the world. You fought some pretty large battles for people who you don’t even know. That kind of fighting would take a toll on anyone.