a blogger here writes:

I’d just like to ad that while Gov Grey D wasn’t my hero, he was leading along side Bustamante, a class action suit: STATE CA VS ENRON. Just then, a PR team rushed in and said, let’s do something completely unprecedented…. let’s recall a governor for the first time in history and not let him finish his term and let’s install… THE TERMINATOR… who promptly came in and said, “That’s not my law suit”….. and with the wave of a wand ((((POOF)))))) the class action suit was gone. 91 Billion dollars stolen directly from the tax payers of California…. while scumbags like Maria and the grope-a-nator enjoyed the spoils. Waaaaaaaaaaa poor Maria! Let them eat cake she said? “Where’s my pointed stick”, that’s what i say.-tippi canoe