hate is part of our humanity:

we are not supposed to get rid of it–that is the lie that preachers tell us.  We need our hate, and that is why G-d (female intelligence–right brained activities) created us with it in us.  What left brainers (male god worshippers-the task oriented thinkers) cannot figure out (but I have) is central to the new world order that I am creating/calling into being.  When we focus our hate on what is WRONG, and not on what is different, we will destroy what is WRONG quickly.  focus and will is the new woman’s work.  focus on ending hunger and slavery.  When you boil it down, the Hateful Satanists who benefit from starvation and slavery are less than 60 people on earth.  I focus on these each Shabbat–I pray their hearts will be changed in a brief second.  I do believe that when one experiences peace of mind, even for a second, that all ties to Satan are immediately destroyed.  So, I focus on peace of mind, and when I have ascended the Throne, I telegraph it to the rothschilds and the monsanto family members.  I pray that their hearts will be changed by Hashem on this Shabbat Day.

this has helped me to not take pharma drugs to treat bi-polar depression.  Meditation is real and it can heal mental illness, and also save the world.  its called ‘remote viewing’ but it is not all passive by any means.