i will run on any independent ticket that will result in

my having a chance at the debates during the primaries.  I will bring it to the people–so that a clear decision can be made by them.  I will offer concise solutions to problems.  I will end the wars and spend the tax money here at home.  I will kick out the fed and arrest all banksters.  I will forgive all student loans and give free health care, and legalize pot, and stop the war on drugs.  I will let every first time drug offender out of prison and in their place put in a mortgage lender who tricked hard working people.  this is my new slogan:  “vote for me I’ll fix this shit!”  Barr 2012

whatever you do, women do not vote either rep or dem.  vote common sense, vote middle, vote solutions:  THE GREEN TEA PARTY OF AMERICA!  “dont tread on me”–FAIR TAX.