my campaign promise:

each of you who are in the 40% tax bracket–im in the 49%!!!  tax!!!  so that some billionaire doesn’t have to pay nothing to live on this gorgeous island with me!  fuck the bush tax cuts.  I’m rich and getting screwed!  the repigs are liars!  They have save me no money at all!  they gave my money to their cronies!  it all bought weapons to kill my people!  what the fuck!—send me one dollar.  I will use it to run for president of the usa from right here where i sit and for not one dime!  all it will take is setting up a network of like minded people and a mailing list. ive said that for twenty years now!  these cyber designers are all mkultra’d.  watched a doc on tupac—the poor kid was mkultra’d!!  he was all his mother’s programming.  

  she must have been an op.  he was begging the police to kill him, practically–he bragged about killing policemen and feeling no remorse.  He wanted to become a martyr, to lay down his life in order to incite one against another.  Not good message, mom.  We need less divide and much more unite.  all of us at this time.  bring us together oh mighty eternal intelligence.  stop satan’s work of division.  we are ONE.  Our God is ONE!  there’s only one everything–john argent.
may we cross the red sea tonight–may we experience unity of mind–as we did this night 2000 years ago when we simply stopped being slaves and just left the entire program behind.  We followed a man, Moses who did as his mother and his sister programmed.  Tonight may the jewish people rejoin all people and understand that they hold the keys to a utopian world.  we must do what we must do:  trust hashem and make peace quickly or perish! how can we make peace?  here is my solution that I humbly offer to the rothschild family, who hold the keys to the survival of the jewish people in its hands–make the payoff be the greening of the world in the stock market, and not personal gain.  solar can pay off x10 in a mere ten years!  macademia nuts can feed the world for pennies!  revalue all currencies and move the UN to Tel Aviv!  this will fix everything!  from my lips to the ears of Hashem!  
  this will give a large return as well as help the world!  we do not need to destroy it in order to make capital!  we can do the right thing now, which is the right time–doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reason is the code of TORAH!!!  what is the right reason?:  the survival of our planet, our womb!  not its destruction by dark forces.  we must not aid dark forces in any way, and then they will disappear into the black hole.  grow your own food!  stop shopping.  food prices are going to go too high–inciting riots, destruction and neighbor against neighbor!  DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TURN ON YOUR NEIGHBORS NO MATTER WHAT!  GET READY.  STORM AHEAD.  do nothing in reaction.  instead, begin immediately to grow veggies and beans too.  the next war is over clean water.  what happened in africa is coming to the mainland usa.  god forbid we waste even one breath now.  grow food.  get right with your gods.  stand ready to resist the Evil inclination—“myself at the expense of everyone else”—that is the code of satan—me me me.
  us us us is the remedy.  grandmothers are leading this bloodless worldwide revolution