some of my advisors have advised me that I should

invite a tea partier to debate me so that the american people can see for themselves what the difference between these two tea parties is—(theirs, financed by billionaires who are robbing them blind, or mine,–the GREEN TEA PARTY which is accepting new members right now free of charge!  Mine is based on kindness, not war, and on growing food for the hungry not bank accounts for the rich). 

   I also invite Trump to debate me.  Trump knows that I have a genuine affection for him, and that our debate will be on topic with no personal attacks or sexist statements, such as Ted Nugent tried to use on me during break on anderson copper’s show.  Nothing any man says to me can unnerve me anymore or make me lose my focus, and feel bad about my weight therefore withdrawing from the public spectre.  I will debate fair and square and show the voters, the taxpayers that I have their backs and I am not a servant girl to banksters or the mafia or the insurance interests or the religions or anyone but my own conscience.  dig it. 
 (what did Ted say?  He said that he looks good because he has never had any fat pussy.  If that is true, then I guess coke whore pussy is working for him.  I was appalled, when that little grey twerp AC laughed heartily at the joke.  Gays often love anti women jokes…even though I do not think AC is necessarily gay, I hope he is because I like his mom, and every older jewish mom deserves a gay son for her later years to have a blast with.  But I kept my cool–however would like to invite Ted to come on my new show and hunt an animal and not kill and eat it.  They say you should try new things.)  
Ted is a stooge of the Koch brothers, the evil twin spawn of SATAN.