the green tea party of america is tough on crime!:

We will castrate execute and/or imprison for life all pedophiles and child abusers whom we will try in a court of law not heavily weighted in their favor, as now, if and when they are found guilty, will pay the full measure for their crimes.  We are tough on child molesters in our version of a Sane Society based on Common Sense.

  All males who oppose the rights of women to live unmolested and free lives of choice and responsiblity will be tried in civil court and heavily fined.  Those who are against abortion must volunteer for sterilization, as it is the guilty male who makes the woman pregnant.  Without the unsterilized male sperm, no woman would ever have to make the choice between abortion and birth whatsoever.  Time to pay up, or shut up guys!
  All rich people (those who have more than thirty million dollars) must immediately be tried for theft of public moneys. If they are Royals, Popes or Priests of any kind, they will foot all the bills for at least one thousand poor people to live comfortable lives.  It is the karma of the rich person to learn to live simply so that others can simply live.  Accounting of every wasted dime by the rich will ensue.  We will not use the methods of anderson or accenture or enron to compute the values of things.  We will use a pencil and paper and simple addition to arrive at the truth.  there will be a bottom line and it will be paid.  We are tough on thieves and robbers and pirates and criminals who profit from unsavory methods of fleecing the poor and the helpless.  
elect me !  I will make the rich robbers pay back the us public.  I will force the oil companies to pay for treatment for our returning troops’ mental and physical recovery from endless deployment in the war for corporate profits.